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Practical Joke on Me - 55 Viking


Practical Joke on Me - 55 Viking

Old 11-01-2007, 04:30 AM
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Default Practical Joke on Me - 55 Viking

This is gonna be a little long of a read, but really funny and worth it. I will ask for everyone's help and input after reading!

Let's start by saying that I am really impulsive. I am in business with my father with a painting company and I get him into more sh^t that he can imagine. He had a nice little 19ft cobia that he like to take out on nice days and go fluking. 5 years later we have a 36 luhrs that we go offshore and everywhere else on. I am always playing little practical jokes on and messing with his aging mind.

Well we had 2 friends go down to the Ft. Laud boat show. One is your typical 'wheeler and dealer'. Everything he owns is for sale and the amount of toys he buys and sells is crazy. Let's say his name is 'Byron'.

Byron calls me yesterday from Vegas and checks in after the show. He says did your hear about the boat. What boat, mine? No. The one we bought at the show. Shut up, what did you buy. He tells me that he got a 2000 55' Viking....and he got it for 300K. This guy is one of the more knowledgable people that I know about boats, in fact the 2 guys that were down there were the guys that surveyed my boat when I bought it. They are very well versed in "deals".

He said he needs about 50K in paint work and he was going to try and make a QUICK 50k profit or sell it as is for a 25K profit so he won't have to float any payments etc.

HOLY CRAP! I can't afford a 300K boat or the maintenance, but I CAN'T afford to pass this up. That's where they all knew that THEY GOT ME>>>!

In a matter of an hour and a half, my mind had already bought this boat. I informed my wife (which I think she started filling out the divorce papers) and then I stopped by my marina to ask my 'consultant' if this was really doable? I didn't know that he was also in on the joke and he proceeded to fuel the fire... I left there and the wheels were turning even faster... Wait, I have a boat to sell, fast!

So on the way to the shop I see this landscaper that said he was looking at the same boat I have but the guy wanted too much money. I have gas engines vs. diesel and need to make a quick sell, so I give him a call on the cell phone.

He says, Hell Yeah and drives straight to the marina. Looks at my boat and says he loves it and leaves me a message "How much you want?"

I get back to the shop to "sit down and figure this out" with the ol man and that's when he springs on me that the whole thing is a goof and he got me. There is no boat, he called Byron in Florida and set this whole thing up...

I went ballistic. I called Bryon in Vegas and told him to start house hunting out there cause if I see you in Rhode Island again it's not going to be pretty. The ol man is cracking up hearing how I almost have my boat sold. --- Oh crap, that guy is going home to tell his wife how much he loves the boat and that they are trading up... I still haven't made the call to tell him the truth, I have to do that today and have been dreading it.

Here is where I need everyone's help. The ol man is going away for 10 days to Calif and I am gonna get him back. Nothing mean, but very creative. I have a 20 person paint company and 2 carpenters at my disposal..

Here are some ideas:

I was going to take all the doors out of his house and put in midget doors.

Maybe paint the front of his house tity pink with road reflector yellow trim. A sign would go in the front yard that said " I played a practical joke on my son and this is how he got me back while I was on vacation."

In closing, I will keep you updated on the status and the reaction when he gets back in a couple of week and please keep the "You're a moron for thinking you were getting a 55 Viking for 300K" to a minimum. I already know that one now...

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Old 11-01-2007, 04:41 AM
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Default Re: Practical Joke on Me - 55 Viking

Paint the house and put a FOR SALE sign out front with a DEAL PENDING sign next to it.... Or even better put wrap the house in plastic and put up some Quarantine signs.....
There is nothing better than a good sense of humor.................

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Old 11-01-2007, 05:59 AM
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Default Re: Practical Joke on Me - 55 Viking

Go and buy a 55' Viking . . . . in your dad's name.
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Old 11-01-2007, 11:55 AM
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Default RE: Practical Joke on Me - 55 Viking

Being that we both have the same name (I'm a Jr.), that could be possible!

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Old 11-01-2007, 01:06 PM
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Default Re: Practical Joke on Me - 55 Viking

This reminds me of a joke (one of many) I pulled on my brother in law Mike one Xmas. Another brother in law, Hank and I concocted a story about how his neighbors were divorcing and had to get rid of all their stuff including two brand new high end snowmobiles, trailer and and accessories. Mike had to move fast though or the machines would be gone...etc etc By the time we were done, Mike had visions of himself blissfully riding through snow covered countryside to the point where when he just had to spring it on his wife. It all went to hell from there when she expressed strong reluctance and he started to argue and generally carry on like a kid who has been denied. All along we added gas to the fire just to make it more enjoyable. The embarrassment he had in front of the extended family when he realized he had been had was pure poetry.

My thought on practical jokes is that the physical ones, like painting a house always escalate. So when your father hires a rigging crew to move your house closer or further from the street in retaliation, you better be prepared. The mental ones tend to cause more anguish so are more fun. Have a friend pose as an IRS agent doing a suprise audit and impound his car at the end of the meeting...
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Old 11-02-2007, 12:08 PM
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Default Re: Practical Joke on Me - 55 Viking

Your names aren't Pauly Sr and Jr are they?

Good stuff! Tity Pink house with yellow road tape, I like it!
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Old 11-02-2007, 05:39 PM
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Default Re: Practical Joke on Me - 55 Viking

First how much will you NOT inherit
change the locks on his house
have stuff delivered COD to his address
smoke bomb in pool
rent a backhoe and dig up his front lawn (nasty)
buy a few pieces of bait (bunker, pogy menhaden) and put pieces under his car seat
in the the ac/heat vents.
itchin powder
Always gay porn to his house, but he may get it anyway, just kidding
That oughta teach a few lessons

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Old 11-04-2007, 03:09 PM
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Default Re: Practical Joke on Me - 55 Viking

I'd get some empty moving boxes, a used/borrowed car you can park in the driveway, get a few toys in the yard to make it look like kids live there and get a real estate sign with sold on it. Put the boxes at the end of the driveway. If you have a key to the house, hide his furniture. Maybe put some thrift furniture in there. If you were really lucky, you could get some friends he hasn't met before to be there in the yard like they live there (doing yard work, playing, washing car etc.) and make them give him a good hassle about getting off their property.

Another is get some orange authentic looking signs for the front door saying "Danger: gas leak detected! Do not enter!" "Call # to get information on procedure." Have a guy in on it (phone # and made up business) and delay the whole thing...recommending a hotel...but demanding that he not enter the house saying that oxygen from the open door can instantly ignite the house. Use caution tape around the house.

Paint his house a wild color, change his porch light to red, put an infrared sprinkler by his door so everytime he walks by it it sprays him, you can take a cheap infrared alarm that everytime he steps on the porch the siren goes off. He'll step off and it quits--step back on it goes off again.

Go find a bunch of abandoned cats and put food all around the house. The cats won't leave for months.

I do like whoever just said get the 55' Viking and put your dad's name on it.
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Old 11-11-2007, 06:08 AM
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Default RE: Practical Joke on Me - 55 Viking

stay tuned-paint going on today!
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