Move South???

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Default Re: Move South???

I'm not saying this is the same thing, but I had a terrible time with asthma as a kid, I was always being rushed off to the hospital, supposedly the ambulance guys even knew me by name. In the summer time I couldn't walk 50' without having an attack. And as far as allergies goes......well there wasn't much I wasn't allergic to! Between spring, summer and fall I had zero relief....I always was slobbering and rubbing the crap out of my eyes. My point is, "I never died", frankly I've never heard of anyone dying from asthma and allergies and Lord knows those conditions certainly didn't slow me down any.

Good luck with your decision............oh, one last point. Out of the six reasons you've mentioned, IMO no. 4 is the only worth while reason I can see you have for staying when considering the health of your children......sometimes family makes all the difference. Again IMO your other points are coloured with selfishness.

Again, good luck with that decision Greg. I wish the children all the best.
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Default Re: Move South???

Thanks for the thoughts guys. This is something that we wont be making a decision on for quite a while as it is something that has just been brought to the table to consider.
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Default Re: Move South???

B...born-raised in Richmond Va....from age 6mos. asthma, raging allergic sinusitis (hay fever) and eczema...all worsened by cold and in spring ...pollen. had all allergy tests..I'm allergic to practically everything. I moved to Ft.Laud in was great...income suffered, but was a lot cheaper to live in Fla. fast forward to late 80's...Docs think due to expansive development...air quality suffered...all my allergies and asthma returned...1991...found out about...Rx nasal; nasonex, rhinocort; etc and now use advair for asthma since 1998. environment here now is polluted, overcrowded, traffic is terrible,taxes,insurance... I would say stay where you are try some of these allergy/asthma Rx therapies...

I am planning on moving out of SoFla. in the next 2-3 years...that's my input, best of luck to you and your family...
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