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this is from a story about a man in australia who quit his job, sold his house, and moved with his family to wisconsin to watch the green bay packers play football...

"The thing with dreams though, in most cases at least, is that if you don't do something to make them happen yourself, they never will," [Scullino] wrote. "So with that, and a whole lot of understanding from the very best, non sport loving wife in the world, we made an executive decision. A decision that flies in the face of all rational thinking but one that we should all do at least once in our lives." [...] "At some point, you've got to stop living the life you've fallen into, and start living the life you want to," Scullino said.
something to think about
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i thought about it when i wa 21.......highly regrets
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I could not agree more with that sentence! After college I joined the family mfg business and thought it might be nice to enjoy a lifetime of full job security.

One day after five years on the job I was driving to work and wondered if I would be happy 5, 10, 20 years down the road. The answer was "hell no".

I left within a month to start my own business and count that day as one of the most important in my life and that decision as one of the best I have ever made.
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Default Re: quote of the day

Sometimes you just gotta go for it, but I have to wonder how smart the guy really is. I mean he could have moved to Dallas if he wanted to watch a real football team.
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Default Re: quote of the day

What's he gonna do when it's Aaron Rodgers under center?
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