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Default bed football

A old couple goes to bed
Within 3 mins,the old man lets out a fart and yells out "7 points"
The wife asks "what was that all about?"
The old man states,"that was a touchdown,I'm playing bed football!"
About that time,the wife lets one rip,"yells 7 points,we are tied."
Couple mins,the old man lets one rip,"yells out14-7!"
Few mins go by,the wife rips another,"yells 14-14" and then does a short one and "yells fieldgoal,17-14,I'm winning!"
Now the old man is thinking,I am not going to loose,
so he strainning to rip another and then sh-ts on himself with no sound.
The wife,ask "what was that?"
He replyed,"that was halftime,time to change sides!"
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Default RE: bed football

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Default Re: bed football

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