Halloween Costumes

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Default Halloween Costumes

Last Saturday night I went to a Halloween Party with a few friends.............the Misses was away on a business trip.

Rick and I in my kitchen.....

A bunch of drunken idiots.....

A picture of me with what I considered the best costumes at the bad the picture didn’t turn out better.....

As good as all the other costumes were, I walked away with first prize!.....

The only way the night could have been better would have been if the Misses was with me and I didn’t have to drink that crappy beer.....

I guess I'll have to look and see what the heck it is that I's still by the side door on the floor in the wrapping paper.
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Default Re: Halloween Costumes

Nice. I tried like hell to get a friend of mine, who does full body painting, to paint me up like Optimus Prime (Transformers)! She wouldn't do it. Bummer.
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Default Re: Halloween Costumes

I hear ya about the crappy beer. That Labatts Blue is the worst stuff on the planet IMO.
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Default Re: Halloween Costumes

hey garrett.......did the same on saturday night.....painted a very realistic wound and stiches on my cheek....people thought it was gal asked me what happened...i said "duh...its holloween"...she said "what do you think i'm stupid"....i let her rub off about a half inch and said yes...........the best costume was a guy dressed as einstein with a light bulb hidden in his hair....he could control it with a switch in his pocket.....hilarious
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Default Re: Halloween Costumes

Very sorry to hear about the crappy beer. Neat costume however.
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Default Re: Halloween Costumes

Hilarious Garett! Thanks for sharing
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Default Re: Halloween Costumes

That face on the pumkin kills me!
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