buck hanging around

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Default buck hanging around

I always heard the big ranches tie a buck to a tree in front of the stand so you don't miss. lol
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Default RE: buck hanging around

Rudolph in training??

Looks like he's having fun.....
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Default Re: buck hanging around

I don't really think he's having fun. Looks like he got caught up in the tree swing, broke one of the ropes and is tangled in the other one. If someone didn't help him pretty quickly, I would suspect he would run himself into the ground and probably die trying to get untangled.
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Default Re: buck hanging around

we had one here for the last two days...dont know what the hell it was doing...just kinda sittin there stareing off into space...looked sorta and the kids would come by every now and then to say hi....finally this afternoon i was walking back to the house from the shop.....hes sitting there and the doe is next to him....he stands up and they both bolt into the me.....but i aint building them a swing
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Default Re: buck hanging around

Funny how I feel sorry for this critter stuck in a rope, but would'nt mind finding him in my scope and turning him into a freezer full of dinner...
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Default Re: buck hanging around

Bang, anybody up for some sausage
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