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Default GAS $1.80 PER GALLON!!!

Pretty good story I read on another board, gotta give it to him though it was pretty smart

BROOKSVILLE -- A 70-year-old Winter Haven man possessed lots of gas — illegally, the Polk County Sheriff's Office reported.

Hobert Gibson, of 3435 Recker Highway in Winter Haven, was arrested Tuesday on grand theft charges of stealing thousands of gallons of gas from stations in Pasco and Polk counties.

He was charged with two counts of grand theft by each county, and may face numerous additional charges, according to a Polk County sheriff's news release.

Gibson may be responsible for stealing 3,000 to 10,000 gallons of fuel each week using a box trailer and truck to steal the gasoline from the gas stations, investigators said.

Deputies saw Gibson siphoning 400 gallons of gas from the Circle K store at 8324 U.S. 98 N., Lakeland, and 523 gallons of gas from a Cumberland Farms Store in Dade City.

Deputies in a helicopter and cruisers followed Gibson to the gas stations and into Hernando County, where he was arrested.

Gibson was driving a stolen box trailer, taken from Central Food Equipment on Reynolds Road in Lakeland in 2005, deputies said. The trailer had been outfitted with two tanks with a capacity of 3,250 gallons of fuel.

Gibson rigged a trap door in the bottom of the trailer and parked over the underground fuel tanks at gas stations. Deputies said he would drop a hose into the tanks and use marine batteries to pump the gas into the trailer.

He would unload the fuel into larger tanks at his business, Crews Towing, at the Recker Highway property, authorities said. Gibson would sell the fuel at $1.80 a gallon, authorities said.

Detectives said Gibson may have been at it since at least the beginning of the year. They're now trying to find others involved.

The case is still under investigation.
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Default Re: GAS $1.80 PER GALLON!!!

He wasn't bright enuf to sell the gas for more money.
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Default Re: GAS $1.80 PER GALLON!!!

Gee, good thing he didn't have a fender bender. I imagine 6500 gallons is quite an explosion...
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Default RE: GAS $1.80 PER GALLON!!!

It's a good thing he's not a grasshopper, or there would be daily marches and protests defending his right to petroleum entrepreneurship.
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Default RE: GAS $1.80 PER GALLON!!!

Fry his a$$
This happened to me in 2002 with my store in Macclenny!!!
On a Friday night I had 6000 gal's of gas dropped,Saturday morning at 6am I ran out of fuel. These guys used a tanker truck to pump out the tanks. Think about it you drive buy a gas station in the night and see a tanker truck with the fuel hoses in the tank and think nothing of it. They were just pumping out instead of in!!!!! They also hit the country store about 10 miles down the road. Come to find out this was very common. State investigators said their were several rings in South FL they were trying to crack at the time. Now what they did not tell you. This is a big concern with home land security. This is an easy way to get your hands on a few thousand gallons of gas to take out a school ect. That right out of a state meeting within the last month.
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Default Re: GAS $1.80 PER GALLON!!!

I saw today in Baltimore a tanker truck got stolen, had 7000 gals of fuel on board. The driver was fueling it up and some jumped inta the cab and took off with it. Ran it dry, they found it in DC.
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Default Re: GAS $1.80 PER GALLON!!!

They found it. It was fuel oil and some gas station owner bought it . They told him it was gas but it did not mix to well with his gas.
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Default Re: GAS $1.80 PER GALLON!!!

Orlando Police just arrested two, of latin American Island origin, for doing the exact same thing. They were caught in the act with their enclosed trailer parked over the tanks.
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Default Re: GAS $1.80 PER GALLON!!!

That's just too funny!

I have relatives who live in Winter Haven and I used to have an office and warehouse in Auburndale right off Recker Hwy.

Exactly how do these gasoline thieves go about selling this fuel? There would be no doubt a retailer would know it was stolen, so it looks like they would be charged with receiving stolen property at a minimum.
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