(Auto) Insurance question

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Default (Auto) Insurance question

While all the insurance talk is going on, anyone know if there is a SIMPLE way to get the relative insurance cost of one car vs another?

I'm thinking of buying a used convertible, just a toy, something in the $15k range... but that leaves me options I'm considering anywhere from a 2005 Mustang, to a 1995 Mercedes SL500, to a 2000s BMW.

Since it's an entirely frivolous purchase, I'd like to keep costs down and the monthly insurance bill could be a big component of it. Is there some EASY way for me to plug various cars in and see what their relative risks/costs would be?

It could conceivably be cheaper for me to pay $1000-2000 more for a particular car up front if the insurance will work out that much cheaper over a few years... that would let me know if I should rule out any particular make/model right away.
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Default Re: (Auto) Insurance question

I can tell you right off that any convertible is going to be considered in the sports car bracket no matter what....

one thing that might help is putting it under a womans name under its own policy with only her listed as the driver...

another thing ive found that worked really well suprisingly is calling an out of state insurance company such as say safe auto in NC and getting it there... youd think it wouldnt matter but it does i know from experience

also the more rural the area you list it under the cheaper it is, they absolutely take that into account...
( I heard somewhere that in alabama it wasnt state law that you had to have insurance at all, wouldnt that be nice?)
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