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Default Electrical question

So, I had to look at a condensing unit that wasn't working today. Wire melted to the capacitor from a brown out. New wire and connector and everythings great.
Now, I turned the breaker off at the panel, and I pulled the fuse block at the disconnect. Started to work on it and I got zapped. Ok, I pulled all wires going to the unit. Both 110 lines and the low volt wires. Now we're good tight? Nope. Now I REALLY got poked.
She's going to get an electrician out there to fix a few things. Like new wires going to the unit. Has the old cloth wires and no ground. I didn't go snooping around because I HATE electrcity, but I was just curious why I would get zapped with no power going to the unit. Nothing inside was touching the line sets. I would have pulled the power to the furnace as well but if something was grounding the furnace out the breaker should go out. Right?

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Default Re: Electrical question

Capacitor discharge? High voltage caps should be jumped to ground momentarily to discharge or there is certainly a danger of electrical shock when working on the unit.
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Default Re: Electrical question

you were at the main breaker panel in the house she could have a bad neutral causing it to back feed on the ground of the panel
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