Nascar screwing up again???

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Default Nascar screwing up again???

Well I was reading a report this am that Nascar is going to really watch the "bump drafting" at Talladega today and may even penalize drivers that use this techinque

I am sure Dale Sr is turning over in his grave, and todays "yuppie drivers" are OK with this

None of them have the balls Sr had and like he always said " if a man does not want to run 200 mph at Talladega all he has to do is let off the gas"

I am getting closer to hanging this sport up

Next thing you know they will penalize a driver for "rubbing" at Bristol
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Default Re: Nascar screwing up again???

As we all know, the beginning and the middle of the race everybody will sort of obide by the rule, but with 10 to go all that crap will go out the window.
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Default RE: Nascar screwing up again???

It's no wonder F1 guys are looking at NASCAR these days, they're used to all these rules. Hell, the way things have gone with "stock" cars, they may as go to an open wheel design which is the only way they'd ever have kept Dale Sr. from swapping paint with folks. Of course, he'd then be swapping rubber!

Maybe this has been the plan all along, kinda like a one-world government... one car racing. Looks like drag racing is the only motorsport left where the fastest car and best driver usually win the race. Too bad boat racing doesn't get any coverage to speak of.
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Default Re: Nascar screwing up again???

"Why don't you dip some rags and kerosene and tie them around your ankles to keep the ants from biting your candy ass"...Dale SR.
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Default Re: Nascar screwing up again???

play by the rules or gtfo ......Sr..was a hell of a driver and person...But for the new nascar drivers and fans THIS IS RACING AT THE VERY TOP OF THE PILE....Like it or go boating or watch Black-ball The goal in this sport is to WIN..!!!!!!!No matter what the rules state.... P.S. SR....would play by these rules all-day long
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Default Re: Nascar screwing up again???

I'm not a huge fan but I watch my share of NASCAR, but it seems that it has really gotten

b o r i n g in the past few years......... No personalities left................
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Default Re: Nascar screwing up again???

I was hoping JR wouldnt blaw another engine. that was wishful thinking
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