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Actually, its got more to do with faxing. I have recently moved my business, and my local phone co. will not give me a second phone line for my fax machine. After reading my instructions to my fax machine, it appears that in order to receive a fax, I have to be standing by to push the start button to get it. That isnt going to work for me. Is there a way for the computer to pick up a fax signal and store it, for me to print out later, and allow the answering machine to do its job if its a regular call?
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I have always had great luck with this software for that application: I think that app has a setting for what you want... Also some fax machines have a mode that can monitor the line when the answering machine picks up and if it hears it is a fax it will pick the call; I know the brother laserjet faxes have that option. Goodluck
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I'd like to hear more on why the phone company won't supply a second line?
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One software program that has worked well for me is Cheyenne Bitware by Computer associates. Your PC can send faxes with your scanner. It can receive faxes and store them on your pc. You can even set up voice mailboxes. If you're composing a word document, youcan fax it byclicking print, then select the Bitware printer and it opens the page for you to insert the destination phone.Best of all, it's free.
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Not sure if this helps, but I use a product called Efax ( Incoming faxes are routed to my email address as PDF attachments. I can receive them wherever I happen to be. It costs about $15/month. They charge by the page for outgoing, so I use a cheap $30 Brother fax for the few faxes I send. I am very happy with the service, and the ability to delete unwanted faxes and directly save important stuff to client files is great. It is close to break even with the toner savings.
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There are fax machines with built in answering machines like this:

I have a similar model that has a port on the fax machine you can plug an external answering machine into. I use it at home an it works well.
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