HVAC experts??

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Default HVAC experts??

I have a question concerning A/C.

Our house is a 2 story house and the kids rooms are upstairs and they keep the A/C a little cooler than downstairs but they also leave the fan in the ON position all the time. I realize the temp stays the
same but does this hurt anything???
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Default Re: HVAC experts??

Just more hours on the fan motor and fan relay and more electric use. I do the same thing with the fan at my timeshare because the fan starting wakes me up. They shoulld hang the designer because the machine room is next to the master bedroom.
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Default RE: HVAC experts??

We have owed 3 houses in ATL over the last 21 years and each time we move in we turn the fan to "on" and have never turned them off. I have never replaced a fan and the cost to run just the fan is insignificant. By continously running the fan the inside air in constantly being mixed and filtered and you do not run into hot/cold pockets.
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