Pats have no more VIDEOS!!!

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Default Pats have no more VIDEOS!!!

They have turned over everything to officials, do you want the video of Toms babies birth to! They only play as good as they are, why is it that when the announcers on MNF say that Cincy have reviewed all thier videos and thats why they can pick off Brady,Why don't they get called for cheating!!! I have better videos on my Cell phone of the opposing team side lines than Bill did of the Jets! Everybody in every sport does the same thing,NASCAR is one of the biggest! Everybody needs a reason to say the Pats aren't what they are!!!!!GO PATS!!
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Default Re: Pats have no more VIDEOS!!!

Couldn`t have put it any better myself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alas, the whinning goes on!!!!
The cheerleaders are next!! Guys will be guys.
Cincy looked lost alnite!!

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