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The cheapest blu-ray DVD player is the Sony Play Station 3. So if you want Blu-Ray buy a PS3. Oh yea, and it also plays games.

A Blu-Ray machine will NOT make your standard DVD HD quality. Some of them WILL "upconvert" however. What this means is they take the standard DVD and play them back in whatever other resolution you want. But it is not the same as a DVD encoded in HD to begin with.

Sony is playing it smart. This time, they own movie studios. So all the Sony label movies will be in Blu-Ray. I think that Sony Entertainment puts out more DVD movies than the competition.

Blu-Ray is also encoded for 1080p. This is the highest TV resolution possible. I do not think HD DVD is encoded for 1080p. They are encoded for either 780p or 1080i. So the quality of Blu-Ray IS better - but you may not be able to tell. but of you are going to pay extra for a 1080p TV, might as watch 1080p movies!

By the way, standard HD programming is not 1080p.

For computer applications, Blu-Ray is the clear winner. Hands down. When there are Blu-Ray DVD burners out (and we all know there will be) you will be able to fit more data on a disk than you could with a HD-DVD burner.

I want to get a PS3 sometime anyway. So I will go Blu-Ray. Not that I have a HD TV or anything.
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Default RE: Blue Ray Video

the one I bought is the s500 bluray player. Not the 300. This does up convert, I was told, and read.
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Default Re: Blue Ray Video

This is going to be hard for some to understand so I will try and keep it simple. Both BluRay and HD DVD produce identical results, i.e. both are spec’d at and capable of 1080p video with 12.2 discrete channels of surround sound. That is not to say that your player is max’d to the format’s full capability. To think one format is producing a better picture than the other is the product of being ill-informed. There could be differences in hardware or software that account for what you perceive to be a ‘better picture’. It has nothing to do with the limits of what either BR or HD DVD is capable of.

HD DVD invested in the ‘extras’ upfront that makes navigating a feature-packed hi def experience a lot easier and an HD DVD disc can contain more ‘extra’ content…to the extent it fits on the disc. Currently, that is what HD DVD has over BluRay but it is lost on me because I just want the movie and couldn't care any less about the interview with the boom boy or some movie star's limo driver. And all of that can change, if it hasn't already, because Sony is gyrating with the BluRay format. Once again, Sony is back into a corner over this DRM thing and hasn’t completely figured a way out, yet.

There is a little "ours is bigger than yours" or "ours hangs lower than yours" war going on between BR and HD DVD to see who can get the most data on a single disc. Forget about it. Both schemes will be virtually identical when all is said and done. And any hardware you buy today will definitely be obsolete by then.

Unlike the physical differences with a cassette containing video tape, the BluRay vs HD DVD hoopla does NOT need to end with one format winning out over the other. Both are schemes that fit on a DVD disc; and both scheme’s DVD disc physically fits into the same player. Having both Betamax and VHS meant you had to have 2 piece of hardware. Not so with HD video discs. I believe both HD video formats are here to stay for a long while, and that is why I will buy neither right now.

Combination players are starting to creep out from under their rock. They are a single piece of hardware that plays both BR and HD DVD discs. Me thinks that is the way to go.

Both BluRay and HD DVD players that write to disc are common now in Japan. The cost of a blank HD DVD disc is around $2, a BluRay disc is a whopping $11. Hint: there ain’t no $9 difference between the two discs. For in-home HD video, the Japanese prefer BluRay, which I found to be a surprise since the Japanese tend to avoid Sony products due to their lower quality.

To manfr a BR disc with a movie on it require the creation of an entirely new fab line. No part of BluRay fits into the old std DVD manfr’ing process. Movies on HD DVD are made by a simple and inexpensive tweak to existing DVD manf’ing lines. Since no one is getting close to the limits of the vast storage capabilities of these disc, I think the cost of manf’ring is what is pushing HD DVD out in front of BluRay, i.e. the lower cost of making an HD DVD is attractive to the guy that is paying to make the DVDs.

As far as which is the better choice for use with a computer; I suggest going to Costco and buying a 160gb Western Digital Passport USB2 HD for $100 and saving yourself a crap load of money. Besides, right now no one is rushing into either HD format because of the extreme costs involved with the hardware and the blank discs.

And with that said, I need to go get my second cup of coffee ...

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