Garage floor coatings

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Default Garage floor coatings

Can anyone recommend any particular garage floor coating? The garage is a single car, about 10 by 20'. I like low maintenance and not slippery. TIA

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Default Re: Garage floor coatings

go with an epoxy, don't use a roller, instead use a squeegee and spread it thick. I would recommend using a floor grinder with fine grit stones to prep the surface. give it plenty of cure time before putting any weight on it.
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Default Re: Garage floor coatings

I used Hot Trax before/ w a roller. I won't use it again. Left black tire marks but was non-slip. I want shine next time.
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Default Re: Garage floor coatings

We build alot of industrial plants, car washes and car dealerships and there's a few things you need to know about garage floor coatings.

#1 The 1-part stuff is garbage. Even some of the 2-part epoxy stuff is a waste of time. There's a chemical reaction that occurs when vulcanized ribber comes in contact with the stuff and it comes up, that's why you see alot of garage floors that have been coated have a bare spot where the vehicle tires come to rest when the vehicle is parked.

#2 Surface prep is key. Grinding is good, but shot-peening is king. Here in the North East, we pay about $1.15 / sf for shot-peening.

#3 A trowel-on epoxy based coating is about as good as it gets. This system has an integral cove base that goes about 3 1/2" up the wall which, in effect, creates a 3 1/2" deep pool. Here in the NE, you can get this applied by a reputable contractor for about #3.50/sf, including surface prep. If you're a DIY guy, a good 2-part roll on epoxy will do. Pay attention to surface prep and sweat-in times and you should be fine. To combat the epoxy lifting where your vehicle tires sit when parked, you can cut out 12" x 12" pieces of rubber mat and either glue or anchor bolt them to the floor directly uinder the parked car's tires, this way, you have four clean and neat pieces of rubber in stead of four sh!tty areas of floor coating.

#4 As far as slip resistence, the material to use is called "Shark's Tooth". You mix it in during the epoxy mixing process. On the side of the can is a table that details the amount to be used for the desired grit. A word of warning though, any kind of garage floor coating withy slip-resistance additives added in are a PIA to keep clean. The grit catches EVERYTHING from simple dust and dirt to grease. A broom will work for a while, but after a short period of time, depending on use of the area, all higher traffic areas will become "darker" because of the trapped dirt and mops and squeegees don't play well with anti-slip additives. Usually it's pressure washer time.

Hope this helps........
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Default Re: Garage floor coatings

Use StarDek II...see if their is a dealer/installer near you by googling's one of the best on the market...prep work is critical for any concrete coating...I did this for a living for 15 years and have used several...stardek is what I use no all my concrete.
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Default Re: Garage floor coatings

I used Rustoleum Epoxy Shield from Lowes I think in my shop. It's a 2 part water based epoxy. My floor was new and clean. Ive found it to be surprizingly tough and durable considering it is water based. I added some sand too it before putting it down for traction. Im really happy with it.
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