Boat horn question

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Default Boat horn question

Trumpet horns...........I see a lot of today's horns don't have any form of screen at the mouth of the trumpet, what do you guys do to keep the spiders and what not out? I know any boat that I've seen (including mine) the trumpet portion of the horn is facing forward, well I trailer my boat everywhere...........should I not be concerned with the large trumpet opening acting like a great big fly catcher as I'm driving down the highway?

Should I stick rubber balls in the openings for traveling purposes? What are you guys doing?
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Default Re: Boat horn question

Mine is mounted at a slight downward angle....
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Default Re: Boat horn question

i dont see any problem with mounting a tennis ball or something to that effect in the opening while trailering the boat.......couldnt hurt.....actually i think ill do that myself now that you planted the idea...........

ive never had a least one that was noticeable with insects in the horns......been made that way for many many years, and your the first i can remember to mention it.......

maybe the balls would help with airodynamics a bit and squeez a few more feet out of a tank of i said, cant hurt anything, and if it makes ya sleep better at night go for it !
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Default Re: Boat horn question

I like that idea of the T ball. I just trailered home yesterday with bugs and pouring rain.

I'm sure my horn will suffer. Might try a little oil.
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Default Re: Boat horn question

What I need is a marinized, loud, AhOOgah horn.
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