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Default Hyundai

Anyone have a Hyundai? I looked at the Azera Limited and cannot believe the luxury you get at an affordable price, 26k completely loaded. I am a Toyota guy but I am taking a serious look at this vehicle. Any feedback would be welcome.


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Default Re: Hyundai

Plus a great warranty.
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Default RE: Hyundai

Here is a link to some good information on them.
I just got my daughter a new Hyundia Elantra and I have no doubt that the quality is as good as Toyota or Honda. I used to think that they were no good and years ago I think that was true, but now that is only a perception and people are changing their minds as I did. As they are now building quality vehicles with a good warranty their reputation and resale value will only get better.
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Default RE: Hyundai

We have a 2000 Sonata with 65K on it and we love it. It's the admiral's car but I first bought it as a commuter car. She found it more comfortable than our previous '88 Acura Legend. It's a great road car. We've used it for some long trip to save fuel over my F150. I got a letter a few years ago about an error in advertised HP. The ad said 170 hp but it was really 167. [img]../images/emoticons/confused.gif[/img] So they offered us one of three options, two extra yrs road service, I forget the second, or two extra yrs on the 100,000 or ten year warranty. We took the 120,000. Go figure. We had a bad wheel bearing which I figured after 50K wouldn't be covered but was surprised. Not only was it covered but the dealer replaced both sides under warranty. At 60K, I detected something minor with the tranny. The dealernot only replaced the tranny but gave us an SUV loaner and we didn't even buy the car from them. We purchased it when we lived in New York. When I installed the 10 CD player, I got to see how it was put together. I was impressed. For an inexpensive car, it had parts and such that were not cheap like MIchelin MVX4 Plus tire. It's still runs great and rides great. We have no need or inttention of replacing it yet. The loaner SUV was a Tuscon and the admiral was bugging me for one. I have to admit it was nice too.[img]../images/emoticons/biggrin.gif[/img]
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Default Re: Hyundai

We bought a 2006 Elantra last year for my fiance and she loves it. We have been happy with it and use it on the weekends because the 32 MPG is better than the 14 in my truck. The dealer where we bought it doubled our powertrain warranty to 20 years, 200k miles. They must be doing something right to be able to offer a warranty like that with confidence. I think I would buy another one.
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Default Re: Hyundai

I have a Kia, but also looked at Hyundai. The next car I get will be one of these. You can't beat the price, quality, and fuel economy. Honda and Toyotas are overpriced, and finally have competition when it comes to reliability. Good luck with it.
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Default Re: Hyundai

Its nice to hear some good comments on Hyundai's, I have worked in the service side of Hyundai for 15 years. THe product keeps getting better we have some new stuff coming out that will really get Hyundai noticed. On the flip side I was around when we were the "disposable" car.
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Default Re: Hyundai

I think the only knock right now is resale value. It was a few months ago I read a Consumer Reports that factored in resale value in overall cost of ownership. First place (worst place) was the Kia Rio - retaining only something like 30% of its value after 3 years. On the other side, one of my employees has a Sonata; nice ride and plenty of pep.
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Default Re: Hyundai

The Reel Native - 7/7/2007 1:58 PM On the flip side I was around when we were the "disposable" car.
I had an '86 Excel GLS 5spd for a commuter car in NY, and the only thing I replaced was a heater core. That was a PITA! Most of the people that had headaches had the automatics. With the 5 spd, guys I commuted with asked what was under the hood. [img]../images/emoticons/smile.gif[/img] I couldn't care about resale. I'm gonna let the admiral run it into the ground. It does get properly maintained though.
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Default RE: Hyundai

2003 Santa Fe. My wife loves it. Almost 80k miles.
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Default Re: Hyundai

01 Elantra 120,000 miles. Not a problem yet.....
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Default Re: Hyundai

I had an 06 sonota for jsut over a year. It was a great car with great gas mileage. Problem was my wife's Explorer wouldn't pull the new boat so we traded it for a dodge megacab. So much for gas mileage.
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