The origin of global warming

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Default The origin of global warming


What brought on this global warming? It certainly wasn't an idling SUV or a lavish wedding. Maybe it was something our ancestors did.

"It's getting hot out," Og said to Grog. It was true. There was hardly any ice left outside their cave.

Grog just grunted and kept banging two rocks together.

"I've been thinking," Og went on. "Maybe we're causing temperatures to rise."

"You mean we've offended the gods?" Grog asked.

"No, I mean our lifestyle. There has to be a couple thousand humans in the world by now. Did you ever think we could be killing the environment?"

It hadn't occurred to Grog. He spent his days trying to keep the environment from killing him.

"I mean," Og continued, "we mostly eat meat. Do you know how many acres it takes to feed one giant sloth? Even though it's free range, that's not very responsible."

Grog hoped Og would shut up. He was working on something.

"And then there's the way you commute. Do you think your mastodon is very fuel efficient? I've walked behind it -- you wouldn't believe how much greenhouse gas it gives off."

Grog hit the rocks together again and this time a spark lit some sticks.

"It's my new invention," he said. "I call it 'fire.' "

Og shook his head. "Trust me, no good will come from this."
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Default Re: The origin of global warming

The answer to global warming is so simple if we all work together and just leave a window open at home or in our cars when we have the AC on. Think of the combined cooling affect of all those millions of AC units at once.
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Default Re: The origin of global warming

Global warming = longer boating season and smaller bikinis. How can anyone be against it?
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