The travelling saleslady

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Default The travelling saleslady

There was this traveling sales lady, on a lonely country road. It's dark
and she is getting tired, so she decides to stop at the next farm house
and see if they will put her up for the evening. She pulls in, gets out
of her car and knocks at the door. An old farmer opens the door, "yes?"
"I'm so sorry," she says, "I am tired and far from town. Could you put
me up for the evening?"

"Well, all we have are two bedrooms. Now, you can stay with my retarded
son, if that's OK with you. Just leave him alone and he won't bother you."

The sales lady takes her things upstairs and into the bedroom. Sure
enough, sitting in the corner is this nitwit looking guy. The nitwit
looks at her with a mischievous grin on his face, "I can do things with my
finger and my mouth," all the while twinkling his fingers in the air.

She goes about her business, just like the farmer told her. However, every
few minutes, the nitwit would say in a taunting voice, "I can do things
with my fingers and my mouth," while running his tongue around his lips.
Well, this goes on for about 15 minutes, and our sales lady is beginning
to wonder......

Finally, she retires to the bathroom to change and while she's in there she
hears, "I can do things with my fingers and my mouth." Well all this has
finally taken its toll. She thinks, why the hell not! She tears off her
clothes, throws the door open, throws the nitwit on the bed, sits on his
face and yells, "All right, God damn it! Do it!" The nitwit looks at
her with a shit-eating grin, puts his fingers to his lips and goes,
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