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Gringo 06-28-2007 09:33 PM

Re: Post yer rides?
Cost of construction right now for single family residences running about $ 250-300 per sq. ft. finished, depending on flooring,paint, appliances, roof, fixture level and quality etc. Construction is, by code, poured cement and/or concrete block both steel re-inforced for foundations, external and load bearing walls. Some cements are fiber-reinforced as well. Roofs are mostly hurricane-strap secured beam truss designs with a variety of toppings, tile, asphalt shingle, Ondura is popular, metal, etc. All to codes which were recently re-done to excluse wood-frame construction entirely. Interior walls steel studs, etc. Rain water storage cisterns are required in all new home constructions.

I have been following the construction of our house very closely, from picking the site, buying it, ( what a trip) through hiring an architect to convert my ideas into real specs for the planning board and RFQ, bidding process, site prep and on til today. I visit the site two to three times a week at a minimum, and have photos of the entire process, week by week. I have found and corrected several mistakes, and have worked with the contractor on lots of mods and changes. So while not an expert...I think I got a real good layman's feel for it. I have had experience in the building trades myself, working in my youth as a bricklayer, framing carpenter, cedar shingler, drywall, decks, etc. I've done a couple houses in the States. A friend has asked me to be his liason overseeing contractors and subs of an upcoming $ 50 mil resort. I guess he likes what I've done with the house, here. We designed for sustained 140 mph wind, with gusts to 150+. Windows, hurricane shutters, garage doors etc. exceed Miami/Dade requirements.

Next stage is addition of saltwater well, pool, and RO system,along with backup generator.

Third stage is additon of an "in-law" apt. over the garage, with bed, bath,sitting area, kitchenette, etc.

Its all pretty much planned out.

So if you have any specific questions, Bug, fire away.

hey, this two-bedroom condo we are living in will be going on the market in about a week or two. As soon as we move. Wanna live on the first T of the Providenciales Golf and Country Club? Got a pool 20 steps from the screened porch..... real estate is a heck of an investment in this country right now, just 75 minutes flight south of Miami...

skibum 06-28-2007 09:41 PM

Re: Post yer rides?
Priecy construction, but bombproof.

Wife and I are looking for a change - never thought about the tci's. I'm a builder - ground up. What are lot prices? Market?

I can do just about anything, from build to cook. Buildings starting to kill me - 45 and arthritis is a bitch.

socuban 06-28-2007 09:50 PM

Re: Post yer rides?
A110 would be the bomb!

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