Charleston in mourning..

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Default Charleston in mourning..

after the loss of 9 of their hero Firemen... our prayers go out to their families and the City
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Default Re: Charleston in mourning..

Very sad.
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Default Re: Charleston in mourning..


Not knowing "fireman code" how important at that stage of the fire was it to extinguish it? Wouldn't human life be more important than saving a bunch of smoke damaged sofas?

Hearts and thoughts go out to the friends and families.

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Default Re: Charleston in mourning..

When there is fire your trained to put it out. Plain and simple. I won't lie to you, it is a rush to be in a burning building. It's also very dangerous. Anything could have happened inside that building. When it does, it happens fast. This is not the time to second guess what happened. The cause will be found and lessons learned from it.

I worked a shift covering a station when 6 Worcester firefighters died in a fire during box 5-1438. It started by a homeless couple who escaped the warehouse. I've done a lot of things that I'm proud of in the fire service. Nothing has etched my memory more than driving into that city and seeing all the people watching us help them in their time of need. Even the pilots in the station with us said how quiet the city was (call wise) while crews from the Northeast looked for the men. I'll never forget the feeling of driving the truck past the scene where it happened. It left a lump in my throat tougher than standing there when my dad died. It really was that meaningful. That's no BS.

The city will recover and the men will never be forgotten by the people who they served or by any other firefighter.

May they rest in peace.
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Default Re: Charleston in mourning..

The article stated that they had to punch a hole in the wall to remove 1 person, maybe they thought, or were told, that there were more people inside. If much is to be gained, then much is to be risked. God Bless them.
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Default Re: Charleston in mourning..

My understanding is they went in and saved some employees...then they went back in to check for customers...that's when the sh!t hit the fan. I can't even imagine...they are more man than I am for sure. I live a few miles from that store...ride by one of the fire stations every day...VERY SAD!!!
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Default Re: Charleston in mourning..

God Bless These Brave Souls And Their Families.
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Default Re: Charleston in mourning..

This hits kind of hard, not because I personally knew anyone affected, but because my son was also a fireman before his death (not duty related), and so firemen hold an extra special place in my heart.

Few and rare are those that are brave enough to run into danger when others are running away, whether it be a burning building or a burning aircraft loaded with ammunition and fuel waiting to explode. All to save the life or property of someone they do not even know.

We paid tribute to these firemen at home last night as we lowered the national ensign (a nightly routine for us) by striking the bell with the “return to station” or “calling members” fire bell signal 3-3-3: 3 slow rings, followed by a gap, followed by 3 slow rings, followed by a gap, followed by 3 slow rings. This is the traditional signal used at the memorial services of firemen.

It was a very solemn and moving moment for us.
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Default RE: Charleston in mourning..

I've spent 30 years in the fire service, and you never get used to a loss in the 'family'.

Farewell my brothers.
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Default Re: Charleston in mourning..

As a Retired Fire Fighter, 29 years, this hits home. I was very lucky, never lost anyone in my command, came close several times. Probably have only 1 or 2 of my nine lives left. My last 13 years as a Battalion Chief in a SoCal city of 44 square miles, I was responsible for fire combat and first response determination of cause during my eleven 24 hour shifts each month, thus I am somewhat cynical.
We fireman are a dedicated bunch, who daily put our lives on the line
, without question. We believed in saving lives, property and surviving. That still applies.
Having had the responsibility of fire cause determination, and is no accidental cause could be determined, I would call our Arson Investigators to the scene.
IMHO, there are few "accidental" fires. They are set for insurance, spite or stupidity. Others are deserved, because people are stupid, uncaring or more devoted to profit than reality. We had a standing joke that there had never been an accidental fire in a furniture store in SoCal. I remember several furniture store fires, always in the middle of the night, usually on the weekend and the owner was always in Palm Springs. Rarely proved it, but my suspicions linger.....
Hope my brother firefighters in Charleston were not victims of insurance fraud.

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