Thank You once more

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Default Thank You once more

Recent discussion elsewhere on this forum has reminded me:

From one guy who endured Hurricane Katrina and was down-but-not-out in its aftermath, I would like to say "Thank You":

To everyone who felt concern; who donated money; time; food, clothing; fuel & prayers. To those who left their families for weeks and months on end to live in tents in the middle of the South MS heat to work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help rebuild infrastucture; assist police and fire/rescue agencies; hand out ice and water from the back of a semitrailer in 100 degree heat; rebuild homes of people you did not even know; provide medical care; provide spiritual and emotional care. To the guy who stopped his van with the Tennessee plates in front of my property and handed me two cases of water, and said nothing except for "carry on, yer gettin' there"; to the Canadian telephone company guy who got my land line repaired; to the power company guys from Conneticut who restored power to my parents home; to the Soldiers who did everything from A-Z; to the American Red Cross; to FEMA workers who had to stand every day and suffer for the incompetence of their bosses by taking the heat and anger from endless lines of angry, battered people. To the many church groups who gave aid, shelter and homes to people, irrepsective of the recipents belief system. To everyone who gave a da(m)n and did something about it.


How we're doing:

It is coming up on two years now, and progress is well underway. The building boom is enormous, and there has been not only rebuilding of what was destroyed, but a substantial growth also. Much of the beachfront along U.S. Hwy 90 is full of slabs and empty lots where businesses and residences once stood; but the high-rise condo's are in full swing with many, many more permitted and planned. The new bridge for Hwy 90 across the Bay of St. Louis recently opened; and the other one spanning the Back Bay of Biloxi into Ocean Springs is coming along well. Gaming is back in full swing, with expansion and investment from the Casinos accelerating.
People are rebuilding. There is still suffering, but there is a vibrance and optimism here.

We pride ourselves on our gumption. We also know that in the fall of 2005 that gumption was standing with more than just a little help from you. Thank you.

Big Al
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Default RE: Thank You once more

People who are givin a helping hand and make the most of it, are what perpetuate the tradition.
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Default Re: Thank You once more

Well heck.... some would say we lost everything, our home and all its possesions, but through the acts of those like Al describes I gained so much more spiritually and emotionally. Thank you. The home is rebuilt and life is good, neighbors are rebuilding and the best is yet to come.
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Default Re: Thank You once more

ill 2nd snapper and marlin.......what a great feeling to know we as U.S citizens have each other to help out in time of need.....once again thanks to everyone for the help and support through it all.....Stephen
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Default Re: Thank You once more

i remember like it was yesterday the day the NYPD just showed up in harahan, set up shop and got to work
the other thing i'll never, ever forget is the heat that week after the storm...good god it was hot
good luck to everyone still rebuilding their lives, and thanks to those who are helping
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Default Re: Thank You once more

You guys are the best examples of an oft overlooked and underestimated element of the American Spirit. Resilience.

Glad to hear youall are doing well....

Everyone I know who has been there after the storms says you just can't imaging the extent of the destruction....So good to hear you've come back so far....

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