Any Dog Owners, need advice

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Default Any Dog Owners, need advice

My dog is a 1 1/2 year old rat terrier, seems that she has a luxating patela in her right leg. She is scheduled to have the corrective surgery this week, but I am getting cold feet about having the surgery done. Anyone out there ever had the procedure done to their dog?
What were the results?, how long did it take to rehab?

THX Scooter
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Default Re: Any Dog Owners, need advice

I had it done to my Akita, the results were less than expected, he is way too big for himself though at 190 lbs his knees and hips just can't support him very well. The recovery from surgery went very well, he laid around for a couple of days then started walking gingerly for about 10 days and that was it. Good luck with your dog
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Default Re: Any Dog Owners, need advice

I'm not sure if this will help but I have a dog that got acl surgery @ age 8, She's 17 now def, hard to see, and arthitic, but after a 4 mo. recovery, she was a new dog and that knee is no worse that the others, even now. The surgery really got her 7-8 great years she would not have gotten otherwise.
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Default Re: Any Dog Owners, need advice

I had it done on a keeshond about 12 years ago (he's no longer with us). The dog recovered just fine; rehab was no sweat. I'm still not sure that the surgery was necessary for that dog, though. Its a relatively common procedure that should heal quickly. Hope all goes well.

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