Marinade Receipe

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Default Marinade Receipe

Anyone got a good Steak Marinade that they would like to share. Im always experimenting and coming up with new things when it involves food. Recently I had a steak with just a dry rub cooked over mesquite, pretty tasty..probably one of the best ive ever had.
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Default Re: Marinade Receipe

Steak Marinade Recipe

Step 1: make a reservation at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.
Step 2: show up.
Step 3: eat the steak, don't touch the plate.
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Default Re: Marinade Receipe

all those dry rubs are good in my book, green pecan is a good smoker also.
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Default Re: Marinade Receipe

OK heres a couple, but first!:

Place steak(s) on rack (so air can circulate) and in fridge for AT LEAST 8 hours, preferably overnight. This will dry the meat. This is important as cooking a wet steak cuses the water in the meat to turn to steam and you end up with a bland tasting steak.

Ok, use one of those coffee grinders, add black peppercorns, chinese five spice, sea salt, allspice, a couple cloves (only a couple) and garlic powder. Make enough to dust the steaks real well. Rub them down when you take em out of fridge. Let them sit util almost room temp. Sear on hOT HOT side of grill for about 1.5 minutes a side if thick, less if thin. Move to med heat, finish there to desired doneness. (Is there really anything other than rare?)

Good wet marinade for not so good meat.

Olive oil, garlic, lawrys, 1/2 a coke. (yes, a coca-cola) crushed black pepper and a little cumin. Blend all this in a food processor, put meat and marinade in ziplock. Leave in fridge all day, or on counter a couple hours. Grill as You like.
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Default Re: Marinade Receipe

Just let them get to room temerature and lots of sea or kosher salt and some fresh ground black pepper rubbed in

Other dry rubs like Montreal seasoning are next best

For cheap steaks or if you normally like the traditional smokey barbecue twist, go with a marianade with equal parts of (not creamy) french dressing, italian dressing, and ketchup. Add salt garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, and dark (granulated or powdered) sugar or molasses.

For spicier go with the basic french dressing ketchup and italian dressing AND basic hot sauce (cayanne peppers) or any sauce with habenaros. For a different taste try creole seasoning insteda of the pepper sauces......

Dales seasoning is good. If you ain't in the deep south you can make it with soysauce and lots of cornsyrup or sugar and even more salt than the soy comes with. Its suprisingly good.

(I think) The key is to marinate at room temperature for more than an hour. Or rub the solids and leave it for an hour or 2 before cooking.

Recently did a rub with the salt pepper and dijon mustard that wasn't bad at all.

Kep experimenting and let us know what YOU find!
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Default Re: Marinade Receipe

I've had success with the Montreal seasoning.
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Default Re: Marinade Receipe

I also agree with Montreal Steak seasoning with olive oil and soy sauce, just watch it close, it tends to flare up.
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Default Re: Marinade Receipe

Thai fish sauce
Little bit of soy
brown sugar

all to taste. Fish sauce is the key.
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Default Re: Marinade Receipe

Good steak, salt, pepper, dry ground mustard, and olive oil. Doesn't need anything else!
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Default Re: Marinade Receipe

I always rub my steaks with olive oil and use either the Montreal Seasoning or just use fresh ground pepper and sea salt and never have any complaints
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Default Re: Marinade Receipe

Black pepper, then honey and soy sauce.
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Default Re: Marinade Receipe

1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup honey
1/4 olive oil
3 sprigs of rosemary
marinade for a couple hours up to overnight.
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Default Re: Marinade Receipe

Shish-ka-bob I use good sirlion chopped up and marinade for 8 hours to over night.
1 cup veg oil
1/3 cup vinager
1 TBSP ground mustard
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Default Re: Marinade Receipe

1. Drive to store.
2. Buy a bottle of Dale's.

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