Check out Swedish "Patrol Boat"

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Default Check out Swedish "Patrol Boat"

Link to information about boat

Link to video of boat in action

================================================== ===============================
L O N G text from the article:
================================================== ===============================
Combat Boat 90

Combat Boat 90
Builders: Dockstavarvet, Gotlandsvarvet
Operators: Royal Swedish Navy, Royal Norwegian Navy, Mexican Navy, Malaysian Navy
Preceding class: Tpbs 200
Commissioned: 1991
Ships in Class
Ships in class: 250-300
General Characteristics
Class type: Fast Assault Craft
Displacement: 13,000kg (Empty), 15,300kg (Standard), 20,500kg (Full load
Length: 15.9 m (overall)
14.9 (waterline)
Beam: 3.8 m
Draught: 0.8 m
Propulsion and power: 2 x 625 bhp Scania DSI14 V8 Diesel; 2 x Kamewa FF water jets
Speed: 40 kts
Range: 240 nm at 20 kts
Complement: 3 (two officers and one engineer)
Up to 21 amphibious troops with full equipment
Armament: 3 x Browning M2HB machine guns
1 x Mk 19 grenade launcher
4 naval mines or 6 depth charges
Combat Boat 90 (CB90) is a class of fast military assault craft originally developed for the Royal Swedish Navy by Dockstavarvet. In addition to the many variants in service with the Swedish Navy under the Strb 90 H designation, the CB 90 has been adopted by the navies of several countries, including Norway (as the S90N), Greece, Estonia, Mexico (as the CB 90 HMN) and Malaysia.

The CB90 is an exceptionally fast and agile boat. Its light weight, shallow draught and twin water jets allow it to operate at speeds of up to 40 knots in shallow coastal waters. The water jets are partially ducted, which, along with underwater control surfaces similar to a submarine's diving planes, allows the CB90 to execute extremely sharp turns at high speed, decelerate from top speed to a full stop in 2.5 boat lengths, and adjust its pitch and roll angle while under way.

In 1988, Dockstavarvet won a competition to design and manufacture a replacement for the aging Tpbs 200 class. Two prototypes, with pennant number 801 and 802, were delivered in 1989. After completion of field trials, the Swedish Navy signed a purchase order for 120 boats in June 1990.

The official Swedish Navy designation is Strb 90 H (Stridsbåt 1990 Halv pluton, literally: Combat Boat 1990 Half platoon); the H refers to the fact that it can carry and deploy a half platoon of amphibious infantry (21 men) fully equipped.

In 2002, the Swedish Navy ordered an additional 27 boats of a slightly different type, designated Strb 90 HS, and intended for deployment in overseas peace-keeping operations. It is unclear what the S refers to; it may be short for Skyddad (protected), as the Strb 90 HS is armored. The factory sometimes refers to it as the CB 90 HI, where the I probably stands for International.

The Royal Norwegian Navy evaluated the Strb 90 H in early 1996, and subsequently purchased a total of 20 boats, designated 90 N (for Norsk utgave, literally Norwegian version).

The Mexican Navy acquired 40 units (designated CB 90 HMN) between 1999 and 2001, and obtained a production license in 2002, allowing further units to be manufactured in Mexico.

Two of Combat Boat 90's .50 cal heavy machine guns seen here positioned in front of the helmsman's position.Several Strb 90 H have been converted by the Swedish Navy to fill various roles:

The Strb 90 L is outfitted for battalion-level command and control, with computer and communications equipment and an auxiliary generator to provide electrical power when the engines are not running. The L stands for ledning (command or leadership).
The Strb 90 KompL is a plain Strb 90 H in which portable computer and communications equipment has been installed, allowing it to temporarily provide company-level command and control. Electrical power is provided by a rather loud portable generator installed on deck.
The Strb 90 HS is designed for overseas peace-keeping and rescue operations. It is modified to keep its crew comfortable in mediterranean conditions, with air conditioning, an auxiliary generator, a head, and more comfortable crew stations. More importantly, it is armored, and its engines have been upgraded to compensate for the added weight.
At least one Strb 90 H, pennant number 802, is equipped with a decompression chamber.
The Swedish Police operate one unarmed Strb 90 H equipped with bunks, a pantry and a crew lounge.
The Swedish Sea Rescue Society operates two unarmed Strb 90 Hs converted for search and rescue.
The Royal Norwegian Navy operates 30 CB90s under the designation S90N; the N simply stands for Norsk utgave (Norwegian version). The S90N differs from the Strb 90 H in a few areas:

It is armed with only one 12.7 mm machine gun, instead of three.
The anchor winch is motorized, and the anchor is mounted at the stern, allowing a grounded S90N to tow itself afloat rather than risk damage to its impellers.
It carries an auxiliary generator which provides electrical power to navigation and communications systems even when the engines are not running.
At least one S90N has been reconfigured into a floating ambulance.

In 2004, the Royal Norwegian Navy conducted tests (including a live fire exercise) to evaluate the effectiveness of the S90N as an aiming and launching platform for the Hellfire missile. One S90N was equipped with stabilized Hellfire launcher based on the PROTECTOR M151, and its machine gun was replaced with a gimbal-mounted sensor package containing visible-light and infrared cameras and a laser designator. Although the tests were successful, there is currently no indication that the Royal Norwegian Navy will actually deploy S90Ns armed with Hellfire missiles in regular service. The Hellfire can still be carried on the boats without launching platforms and be fired from shore with the Portable Ground Launch System.

Accidents involving CB90s
On the night of October 23 2006, a CB90 sank off of Hamnudden, east of Utö in the Stockholm archipelago. The boat was travelling at 11 knots due to the bad weather when it suddenly began to take on water from the bow. It then sank in less than ten minutes. All of the crew of 16 were quickly picked up by other ships that were nearby. No one was physically injured, but the crew suffered from shock and hypothermia when picked up.

On June 13, 2004, several Strb 90 H from the Swedish Navy's first amphibious regiment were sailing at high speed in convoy formation when one of them abruptly reduced speed (allegedly so its wake would not upset a smaller sailboat). The boat immediately behind it failed to react and rammed it. Two soldiers who were abovedeck at the time of the accident were thrown in the water; one was killed instantly, and another sustained severe injuries from which he died later the same day.

In mid-1999, one CB90 (No. 820) belonging to the 2nd Coastal Artillery Regiment (KA2) of the Swedish Navy crashed into a concrete pier at approximately 30 knots. There were eight soldiers on board. Seven of these men sustained more or less severe injuries, including fractures. The soldier that remained physically unhurt was standing in the machinegun ring-mount on mid-deck.

(Swedish) Stridsbåt 90H at, an unofficial site dedicated to information about Swedish military materiel.
(Norwegian) Et fremtidsrettet prosjekt, an article about the Hellfire experiment on the official web site of the Norwegian military.
(English) A series of pictures of a Norwegian S90N
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Default Re: Check out Swedish "Patrol Boat"

w5, I think you need to check on that first link of yours......for some reason I don't think you were after showing us some guy in a wheel chair strapped to the front of a semi.

But you other link...............the big dog gets it's meal(s)!
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Default Re: Check out Swedish "Patrol Boat"

Looks like greenpeace needs to figure out that a terrorist is a terrorist whether they're just out to save the whales or not. I love it.
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Default Re: Check out Swedish "Patrol Boat"


And some great boat handling by the Sweedish Navy or Coast Guard, whichever they were.
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Default Re: Check out Swedish "Patrol Boat"

Sorry about the link mix-up. Here is the correct link (I think) so HOPEFULLY I got it right this time. I tried to edit the original post but it has been more than thirty minutes...

Link to boat information
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Default Re: Check out Swedish "Patrol Boat"

Why can't those people just get jobs!?
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Default Re: Check out Swedish "Patrol Boat"

Wacko Envrionmentalism -- the fastest growing "new religion"
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