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coastboater 06-05-2007 11:42 PM

RE: Well, last night was interesting

Wet-n-Wiley - 6/5/2007 2:18 PM

coastboater - 6/4/2007 7:28 PM

You see all kinds in ER's - shame on the parents....

You may want to check out on of the Mayo Clinic's "executive wellness" programs. They check you out 9 ways to Sunday, if you know what I mean. Every crook and cranny ;)

It's expensive, 'round $4k, and insurance won't cover it, but it's worth it for the piece of mind, or at worse an early diagnosis, which dramatically increases your survival chances.

Relax, and have a drink! :thumbsup:
I have actually thought of something this in the past and might someday do this. Thanks for the reminder.
There's one in Jacksonville :thumbsup:

Good luck and God Bless ;)

Garett 06-06-2007 12:02 AM

Re: Well, last night was interesting

Wet-n-Wiley - 6/5/2007 2:40 AM
Not sure which blends of reds are best chilled (slightly).
Any cheap red is good.....that way you can drink LOTS! :grin: Yah can't have high BP if you are always horizontal! :rofl: Lately we're on a kick of Baco Noir 2004 by Peller Estates & Kastelet 2003 out of Croatia - this one is actually very nice!

Bruce, I'm glad to hear you got that under control, those numbers were pretty dang high! :thumbsup:

Bruce W 06-06-2007 12:38 AM

Re: Well, last night was interesting

Garett - 6/6/2007 12:02 AM

Bruce, I'm glad to hear you got that under control, those numbers were pretty dang high! :thumbsup:
Thanks, Garett - before I started going to the doc in Dec., I could sometimes "see" my pulse "beating" through my eyes!

Sounds weird, but that's the only way I can describe it? ;?

The meds make me a little dizzy sometimes (normal side effect) - when I am stooping down for a while, and stand back up, but don't bother me in any other way, like boating, driving or similar.

Looks like I just need to find out which WINE(s) I should be drinkin' as part of my rehab? :grin:


iFishMD 06-06-2007 01:34 AM

Re: Well, last night was interesting
WnW Take care buddy. I dont know how I missed this thread.

Garett 06-06-2007 01:48 AM

Re: Well, last night was interesting
Bruce I sent you a little babel about wines > PM box. ;)

Snapper Head 06-06-2007 11:19 PM

RE: Well, last night was interesting
Drink plenty of fluids (red ones made of fermented grapes), and get plenty of rest (avoid the bilge). :thumbsup:

Big Al

Wet-n-Wiley 06-13-2007 11:34 PM

RE: Well, last night was interesting

Bruce W - 6/5/2007 10:50 PM


Well, to start with, my BP was 220/110! Needless to say, I asked the nurse what was "normal"? When she said 120/80, I thought they were gonna' send me RIGHT to the ER!

Long story short, after taking some (2) perscribed meds (BP & a diuretic) and a few dietary adjustments, I had my BP back down to 127/78 by March (after visiting the doc every 2 weeks)! Now, I don't have to go back 'til October (on my BIRTHDAY, no less!) :thumbsup:

BIGGEST thing the doc told me concerning the high BP was to cut down on the SALT - salt from canned foods (especially veggies), salt from "prepared frozen foods", salt from the salt shaker, etc..

I have been using next to NO "real" salt and found some "potassium-based" salt-substitue that Morton's Salt makes - NO sodium and 17% potassium - not bad, either. The "Salt-Free Mrs. Dash Seasoning Blend" is pretty decent, too.

I tried some Campbell's "40% less sodium" soup and THAT stuff was NASTY! Most ALL soups have about 40%+ sodium (per serving) - even the "dried" (add boiling water) ones! There are also a variety of "salt-free" canned veggies, but the FRESH veggies are really the best!

Thanks Bruce. Since I started taking the medication my BP is "better". The pills made me a bit dizzy too so now I just take them at night before I crash. I also feel calmer on them. I seemed to have lost the rage-ness that comes with high BP. This can be from a variety of other issues as well, like a bit less forum stress although I still work on it daily. It got tough there over the past month.

I bought a digital BP machine and check it 3 times daily. Funny how at night after a glass of Cabernet the BP reading is at its lowest!

I tried the salt substitutes but they don't cut it for me. The potassium has a weird acidic taste, like when you lick the top of a battery to see if it's still good. One thing I can't "low sodium" is anything tomato. The V8 low sodium juice just doesn't cut it. I have removed table salt from my diet completely.

Exercise is next. I spent way too much time here in this office chair over the years and it took it's toll.

InTheNet 06-14-2007 07:44 AM

RE: Well, last night was interesting
After one of my motorcycle offroad incidents I was in the er getting stitched up. On the other side of the curtain is a young lady writhing in pain. She had been shooting up RAID to get high. It all clicked when the mother asked the doctor how come she was so sick, Raid was only bad for little bugs she thought. :o

Ludicrous 06-14-2007 07:58 AM

RE: Well, last night was interesting

Wet-n-Wiley - 6/13/2007 11:34 PM

The potassium has a weird acidic taste, like when you lick the top of a battery to see if it's still good.

Licking things to see if they are still good? Think Dr. Ludicrous has found your problem...


jbigwater 06-14-2007 08:15 AM

Re: Well, last night was interesting
Excercise is Key - I had high BP a few years ago, started running again. Now it is 120 / 70 with no meds. I am still obese though (working on it) and recently have had a bout of hives. So even though I am a mess my bp is good from excercise - good luck!!!

LI Sound Grunt 06-14-2007 09:13 AM

Re: Well, last night was interesting
Hi Wiley
get well soon

These are my personal observations and experience and is NOT medical advice.

I have had every stress induced malady invented by man. That sounded like an anxiety attack. Have all aspects of your condition checked out. I did and they never found a physiological cause. Its easy to test for these things. A little Stress/anxiety and I could clock about 220/120 during any attack and after a few valiums back to 140/90. The BP pills all have side effects. If they find no physiological cause I would stay off the BP pills except maybe valium type meds and only as needed.

And yes exercise and weight control seemed to cure every single ailment I ever had. (A book called the relaxation response helped. The RR is - Basically you clear your mind of everything but your breathing and inhale from nose into your stomach and exhale through your mouth sloooowly. Usually your heart follows suit.)

I Read tons of books on stress and anxiety. What seemed to trigger most people is worrying about lots of small things at once. If you have only ONE major issue you are forced to deal with it. Problem is your mind triggers these physical overreactions - sweating chest pains rapid heart beat etc. if you cant deal with the stuff. Called the fight or fight reflex..... we have this because our ancestors always dealt with stress by fighting or running so the mind gets the heart and stuff to jump start even though in the modern world it doesn't need to.

As Bobby Mcsomehting says - "Don't worry, be happy......"

found it.....

CaptWill 06-14-2007 09:53 AM

Re: Well, last night was interesting
Just saw this thread and read all 3 pages. Wow, Wiley, that was a close call you had there. Follow the doctor's advice on meds, food and exercise, and stay on it. Period. Even when you're feeling better than ever. Still, stay on the program. Think of this as a lifestyle change that will keep you around for a lot longer than the one you were on.

The best thing you can do, and this ain't easy, is to reduce stress. This requires a lot of attitude adjustment, but if you can do it, you will not only improve your physical health, but you will enjoy your life more. I'm speaking from personal experience, but I strongly believe that the same goes for you, or anyone else.

I'm glad you're doing well, and I can imagine the shock to your system, with the condition of those 2 young girls next to you. My daughter works on the ER floor of a hospital, and she sees this kind of thing much too often. It's sad.

I'm glad you are ok. Take care.

JALICHTY 06-14-2007 10:27 AM

Re: Well, last night was interesting

Just read this thread and hope things are still going well for you. I realize that reading and responding on THT are quite different than being the moderator, I find my time on here to be quite relaxing, except when I look at Adam T's ramblings, then I get a little uptight. Not enough to need BP medicine. Take the doctor's advice, relax as much as you can and I'll bet your BP will be back where it needs to be. Good luck.

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