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Default Bicycle Computers

Amongst the knowledgeable THT community must be some fellow cyclers. Gotta come ashore sometime.

I'm having a new bicycle built, looking for a new computer. My older bike has a Cateye Micro so of course Iím considering the newer Cateye Micro Wireless. And Shimanoís Flight Deck caught my interest.

Anyone having any info, insite, opinions on bicycle computers they can share?

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Default Re: Bicycle Computers

I only ride off-road and I don't use a computer. All my buddies use Cateye products. I usually check reviews on which is a very active mountain biking site. They have a sister site for roadies. There is a link to it on the site
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Default Re: Bicycle Computers

Eyeball, I am a roadie myself but don't have a computer. I was chatting with the local bike shop owner and I asked him if they have GPS for bikes yet and he says they do. I'd take a look at them if the price is not too excessive.
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Default Re: Bicycle Computers

I ride and have a computer. Without going to the garage I dont even know what brand. I know I have had cateye in the past. I may be running a trek now but am not sure. I dont race but use it to keep fit as I am an ex-competitive runner. Here are my suggestions when looking for a computer.

1. get big numbers that are easy to read
2. get easy buttons to press while riding to scroll through data
3. make sure that it has the basics such as average speed, ride time, clock, etc.

I have a wireless one on my current bike but have had a wire one on my previous bikes. I see no difference in performance.

The thing I find hard not to do while riding with a computer is to ride for that stats on the computer. I didnt get cadence on my current bike as I found myself trying to maintain a certain rpm rather than listening to my body. This always hurt me on a long ride in the long run. I also try to keep my computer on clock or time of ride so I am not riding for an average speed. That could just be me though as I used to be very competitive when I was a runner and try to make biking a leasurely fitness activity. ( I dont want to hurt myself for good like I did running. )

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Default Re: Bicycle Computers

Thanks for the replies, guys!

Boatless, I ran across that link you referenced,, while researching bike computers. Read a ton of bike computer reviews. Itís a great site for user reviews of road bike gear.

Greyg8r, GPS for bikes does not have chart plotting. I looked at the latest Garmin for bikes, no cart plotting, just gps for speed and recording waypoints to get back home. And it is 7-times the cost of a decent bike computer but doesnít do much more than a bike computer. Iím considering a handheld GPS unit.

B-Faithful, a Ďbasicí bike computer with all of those function, and big easy to read numbers goes for around $25-$35, cheap enough that if I donít like it I can toss it into a garbage can. Iím looking for robust, preferably wireless, don't want failure on the road.

From the review on that website it looks like CatEye has corrected their wireless problems, so I think I will opt for that unit.
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