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Default Suggestions

Management has it's advantages and disadvantages. This one's for guys / girls with experience. When a point needs to be addressed / issued....What's the best way to get the point across. I've been a d*ckhead / butthole towards employees when it comes to making sure a customer is taking care of.

What has worked for you?
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Default Re: Suggestions

Lead by example.
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Default Re: Suggestions

The very words Pop has been burning into my head since birth.

BTW...Lowes Food ran out of the good stuff. I'm dry tonight ;?
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Default Re: Suggestions

If that doesn't work get your bullwhip out and get down.

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Default Re: Suggestions

Sometimes you gotta fire a few people to get the point across. The others get the idea then.
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Default Re: Suggestions

Lead by example is the best advice. I found this to work well on job sites but not as great in the office environment. One thing to keep in mind, is to try and bring out peoples strengths and negate their weeknesses. For example, if you have an employee who just has a hard time being cordial, don't put them on the front line with the customers. Make them clean toilets. By putting people in positions that exploit their strong points, you can avoid some potential problems.

Email is also a good way to get very strong points across and you are documenting yourself. Never get in a pissing match over email though because you never no who will see them.
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Default Re: Suggestions

Heel, my advise probably wouldn't be good in this situation. I've never had a job where I worked inside, I've always been outside. One thing that I can tell you that will always hold true is that there is some "good" in all people. It just boils down to how much "good" is in them. A couple other things that might apply is never, never criticize an employee in front of the others unless they are putting themselves or others in danger.

I'd never make it working inside cause I'd only hire good looking dumb blondes and I'd "discipline" them too often.
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Default Re: Suggestions

The employees need to understand that customer relations and service is EVERYTHING. They need to know that their jobs, income, and future depend upon the face the company shows the customers. If you get good reports from customers, pass them on to the people responsible. If you get complaints, pass those on as well, but in a positive way. Its an opportunity to address something that is in everyones best interest.

The people within the company who are not involved in the marketing sometimes fall into the old 'workman's syndrome' attitude, a wage earned for an hour spent on the job. Its easy for them to miss the big picture. Its up to management to make them understand that maintaining market share is very important. Where bonuses and pay raises, and advancement all come from.
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Default Re: Suggestions

Hi TH..I think that if a point is needed to be made about a single employee, then you do it behind closed doors. This way, only they have to hear you out and not the whole office. Assuming this is an office environment. If you think that everyone would benefit from your "news" , then I would do the email thing. Having worked a customer service business (IBM), I have probably seen it all. Bottom line, it is your job to make sure the customers are serviced properly! If you can't get it done with those folks you have, it may be time to recruit some new help!
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Default RE: Suggestions

Was a supv in office environ for 16 or so years. It is the hardest thing to do. Praise in public, reprimand in private. Tactful but firm is best. It isnt like working out in the field where you can (and should) come down hard, because you have too many people in a small area and one turning against you is liable to turn them all. Here is how I handled one: employee older than me and French by birth had a tendency to say to customers "you're going to have to do..." well customers dont HAVE to do anything except take their business elsewhere. So I said, "hey Janelle, ya know, if I had been that customer I would have thought you were just being rude. I know you, so I know better, but there is a better way to phrase that information. like 'I;m sorry sir, I wish I could help you. The best way to accomplish that is...' " She was not offended by my approach and understood my point.

Hope that helps somewhat.
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Default Re: Suggestions

Congrats on your promotion. My friend once fired a worker that was 3 seconds late. They punched a time clock. She had been warned, followed by written up and then bam. Fired. She got what she deserved. Don't be afraid to lower the boom. Just have your ducks in a row and be professional about it. Every case is different.
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Default Re: Suggestions

If ya gotta're not ready for the helm. Assistant Helm, maybe... Same reason why some have 3 bars and other have isn't just about piloting a boat or plane...

Experience? I find asking THEM how THEY would handle the might be'll do 1 of three things: 1) Fire them, because they don't care or are too stupid to know what the problem is. 2) You will learn that they are in the position they need to be in, and with your leadership and responsibilty to them as an employee, will help develop them into better people professionally ...or 3) They are a hell of a lot smarter than not piss them off and get more just like them, it makes your day and achieving goals alot easier.
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Default Re: Suggestions

I see it here as you have two issues:
- being responsible yourself
- having your employees being responsible

IMO to manage others is to treat them with a square stick:

1 - treat them as you would want to be treated yourself
* professionalism comes when emotions are removed from the equation
2 - explain the rules to all in a group form, explain that they must be follow
* be clearly understood that most rules have no gray areas and violations will not be tolerated
3 - it is ok to be wrong, as long as the mistake is not made a second time
* we all have to learn new things at some point in time
4 - teach others to take pride in their work - it shows pride in one's self and it reflects on the company
* some can be motivated to this level others can as the manager NEED to be the comb! is hard to fly with eagles when all you do is hang out with turkeys!

Ralph your counter people need to learn how to be ducks!
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Default Re: Suggestions

If you are speaking from the customers point of view, you have every right. It's your money, but you will get a much better result if you keep your wits about you, just explain your situation to management and if they are worth their salt they will take care of your problem. What happens if your wife or boss comes to you and starts throttling you, after about 20 seconds you throw up a wall and probably don't even hear anything else. I call them customer concerns,(not complaints) you are giving me the opportunity to retain your business.

If you are speaking from a management position, you have to lead by example, if your having day you will bring everyone else down. Never berate in public, you will lose face with your people. Everyone is going to make mistakes, they just need to learn from them. In most cases when someone is doing stuff wrong it is your fault, they where not trained correctly, that being said some people are just dumb as a bag of rocks and it time cut your losses. I try to make my people see the big picture (yearly income per customer, not just that one check) my average customer spends approximately $900-$1000 a year. I make sure they know it's my job to make the phone ring, it's their job to make you call back. Also I might be the owner and sign their check, but you the customer actually puts the money in the bank. The better they do their job the more money everyone makes, the way I look at is the more money they make, the more money I make. If you cant tell I'm just a little passionate about this. The best and worst part of this type of business is the people on both sides of the counter.



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