Hey Ray it's at 104!

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Default Hey Ray it's at 104!

for all you non - beleivers.....

and just to piss afew of you off....

C'mon 130.....

let me re-read the "10 reasons apple is heading for a fall" again....
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Default Re: Hey Ray it's at 104!

Koppenheffer, Matt. "Quick Take: Shorting, Gambling, and Being Like Buffett." Motley Fool. 2007: May 5.

On a final note, he gave a not-too-surprising suggestion to always look a stock in terms of the whole company. So, for example, if you're thinking about buying GM (NYSE: GM) at $30, he said, you should consider whether you think the entire company is really worth $18 billion.
So folks, when AAPL goes to 130 is it really worth $112 billion? What wonderful things does AAPL make that push it beyond that price and propels it above financial powerhouses such as Coca-Cola. Considering no one has answered my question in over four days, I'll give a little hint: it sure as hell ain't no iPod or iPhone.
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Default Re: Hey Ray it's at 104!

Absolute dollar valuations are, in general, meaningless. The forward and trailing ratios is what tells the story. If, on an EV/EBITDA and P/E trailing and forward basis, APPLE is trading in-line with its sector peers, then the answer is yes the market has appropriately valued Apple.
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Default Re: Hey Ray it's at 104!


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