Government Straight Jacket

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Default Government Straight Jacket

Government Straight Jackets

I live in north Idaho and boat on a Dworshak Reservoir, a facility totally under the management of the Corps of Engineers.

I am the chairman of the Dworshak Reservoir Association and a member of the local county Water Ways board. In a recent county Water Ways committee meeting with the marine sheriff department we were informed that the Corps of Engineers is considering a nationwide policy of making life jackets mandatory for everyone on all waters under the jurisdiction of the Corps. There would be a national data base. You would receive a warning for the first offense, a fine for the second and after the third violation you would be barred from all Corps lands.

Does anyone know anything about this and how much of a possibility of becoming reality it has? In my opinion this is an invasion of big government thinking they know what’s best for me. I can see the policy for children up to a certain age but making it mandatory for every one is over kill.
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Default Re: Government Straight Jacket

Doesn't matter, there is already a USCG policy that requires life jackets (pfd) for everyone on a boat, regardless of where the waterway or boat is. To give you an idea, the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas has a fake Venice (Italy) theme going on inside. The USCG had to certify all of the fake gondola boats used INSIDE of the hotel, and there is a life jacket onboard every fake gondola boat for every passenger, as required by the USCG. Doesn’t matter that is a boat in knee-deep water inside of a hotel; it is a boat in water so it is subject to USCG regs.

And on the other side, this isn't an issue of big brother taking control of your life; it is a issue of the gov't catching up to what is common sense to everyone else. Get the proper PFD for everyone on your boat and use them, regardless of any laws or requirements to do so.

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Default Re: Government Straight Jacket

I would assume the USACE regs would require wearing the PFD as opposed to just having one onboard which is, as stated, already mandated by the USCG.

Many locks on the Tennessee and Tenn/Tom require wearing life jackets when locking through a dam which is governed by the USACE. TN in particular requires children to wear life jackets at all times. I believe the age limit is 12, and it doesn't matter how large the boat is or whether or not it is underway.

I have questioned whether or not this includes children onboard a boat who are inside an enclosed area such as a houseboat or cruiser, but have received conflicting information.
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Default Re: Government Straight Jacket

We have jackets for everyone always and the kids under 14 wear them always. I just dont want someone telling me I have to wear one all the time I am on the water.
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Default Re: Government Straight Jacket

I understand this also includes swimmers in USCEC controlled waters.
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