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Default Outdoor speakers

Time to put a little effort into the pool area and want to add outdoor speakers. Any recommendations? Don't need or want to spend a ton but want it good sound. Will be played at mid levels and at times high. The rock looking speakers would be easy to hide and I don't want speakers hanging from the house. Will be powered by a typical receiver/amp ranging from 80-150W. Time to go shopping. Also need to dig out my iPod and figure out how to load everything into it. Bought it when it first came out, went for the biggest size (40mb) and really never used it. Oh yea, lost all the software too.


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Default Re: Outdoor speakers

I went thru this a few years ago and decided for a patio/pool to go with a NILES speaker that has both channels in one cabinet. If you get two speakers you're always at one end of the patio or the other, so it only gives you one channel. Works great with a std 100 pioneer home receiver. I got it at

and here's the planter, per your request:
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Default Re: Outdoor speakers

That's a pretty cool speaker. I've got a pretty big pool area, think I would need two of these?

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Default RE: Outdoor speakers

Agree on the Niles...I bought some OS-10s (discontinued now) about 5 years ago any they still look nearly new. The sound it the best I have heard from an outdoor, including Klipsch and Bose. I push them with a standard Sony 100x2 receiver. Had some jbls and yamaha outdoors in other parts of the house and both pairs rusted out after a year and half-two years. Plus, they sounded like crap. Niles are a little pricey, but the quality can't be beat.
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Default RE: Outdoor speakers

I had Terra speakers installed last summer on our pool deck and they are fantastic. They have a lifetime warranty on everything including any damage caused by environmental conditions.
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Default Re: Outdoor speakers

I'm going all Bose for our new pool area. Some inground speakers and some 251's mounted on the poolhouse, all hooked to a Lifestyle 38 should do the trick...

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Default RE: Outdoor speakers

I know you said you don't want speakers hanging on the house, but 8 years ago I hung two Bose outdoor speakers, I forget the model, but they sound great and are still going strong. About 9 inches by 6 inches.
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Default Re: Outdoor speakers

I think our Pool speakers are Bose. They have been working well for many years.
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Default Re: Outdoor speakers

We have Bose speakers by our pool as well

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Default Re: Outdoor speakers

Polk Atriums....
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Default Re: Outdoor speakers

Klipsch outdoor.
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Default Re: Outdoor speakers

Have had good luck with both Polk and Bose on the boat and on the patio. I really like the sound of the Klipsch but they did not fit my application. Pretty sure you cant go wrong as long as you use speaker cable of a quality comparable to the speakers as well as give them the power they want. Good luck.
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