Extreme Makeover

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Default Extreme Makeover

Tomorrow night at 8.

Looks like a doozy. If you have never watched one of these I highly recommend watching it.

Just have plenty of tissues to hand!
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Default Re: Extreme Makeover

Dumbest show on TV. They never show you what happens after the fact, like how many of these families can't afford the maintenance cost of these ridiculously large homes. To me, its exploitation of people in extremely needy situations, for ratings purposes. Throwing a bunch of money and expensive things at someone doesn't always help them out of a bad situation. And Ty Pennington, most annoying person on TV, hands down.
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Default Re: Extreme Makeover

I hate that show. I don't know what advertisers to boycott because I never watch it to find out who advertises there.
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Default Re: Extreme Makeover

Ty Pennington does Sears commercials, i've been boycotting them since the invention of Walmart
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Default Re: Extreme Makeover

I hear you guys, but I don't see it! These people are already paying a mortgage and taxes and supposedly are not in arrears, so what's the problem with paying taxes on a mortgage free property with zero debt to their name?

Even though I don't watch the show I have seen it a few times, I think the nature of the program is Great! I am happy for the families which receive such charity!
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Default Re: Extreme Makeover

Those clowns or This Old House might be filming a project of mine here on the Chesapeake. Details are not quite finalized yet, but I told the Owner that I'd prefer TOH.
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Default Re: Extreme Makeover

Hey Pug, I totally agree with you! I can't stand Ty either..he is so annoying. And it's stupid to put these families in these "humungo" houses and not follow up on them...let's see, they were bad off to begin with and now they have this huge house to upkeep, means more taxes, more cost of maintenance...geez, its a great idea to help people, but they go overboard, just to boost their ratings!!!
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Default Re: Extreme Makeover

Sunday's subject family lives three miles from me. This is a low population, rural area. The man is a hard working, logging truck driver, not sure what the Missus does. The house they torn down had a mortgage already on it, they have to keep paying. Annual insurance premium went up 6 fold with the new house, utility payments are estimated to be 5 times the old house, property taxes are way higher, as is general upkeep. This is a family that was "getting by" and now, between insurance and utility bills, will be facing increased expenses of an estimated $700 a month extra - their income is not there. The local community is already having benefits to raise money so they can afford to stay in the house. I, too, would be interested to see the status of these folks two or three years down the road. In addition, if you saw the neighborhood the house was built in, they would be lucky to give it away, let alone sell it.
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Default Re: Extreme Makeover

I agree, the show has its merits, but.... with the money spent on one project helping one family (who may not be able to sustain their new life), how many modest houses could be built? Or how many renovations could be done? We should be encouraging the sponsors to think about the numbers of people their dollars could help, not just one family a week.

My $2, adjusted for inflation.

(PS- Sears sucks, I boycott too)
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Default Re: Extreme Makeover

They do not warranty any of the work that is done by the locals. I've been in the construction business for forty years and you do not build any thing out on the site in one week and use the word quality. It just does not happen. I am very familiar with one family that participated in this venture and as an example - they had an elevator installed in their house. 5 months later the elevator stopped working - no warranty - and as far as I know if still does not work some 12 months later. The family does not have the extra $$$$$ to have it repaired.

That is but one example of the issues that they have had and there have been many.

This is a money making venture for the company that puts this show on every week. Someone should do a show as a follow-up to the people that have participated to see where they are today........ I would be willing to bet that there are many with issues similar to those that I mentioned.

A great idea that was not totally thought thru !!!!!! It's nice to want to help people, but you need to set them up for success, not failure.
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