Digital Cable ?s

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Default Digital Cable ?s

I have very basic cable TV and I have a good promo offer for digital cable. It is tempting because I would be able to see some of the boating and fishing shows on ESPN and VS, etc. However, I wonder what cost I am getting into for digital cable decoders. I have 4 or 5 regular TVs scattered around the house and wonder whether I would have to get some sort of decoder for each if I signed up for digital. I think the cable company (Comcast) rents them for $7/month. Any ideas??
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Default RE: Digital Cable ?s

I think it's like $15 a month extra plus cable box rental. You can do like me...I have a digital cable box in my living room and just stuck with basic in the other rooms. The regular cable will not be cut off when you get digital cable.
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Default RE: Digital Cable ?s

I believe if you want the premium channels on all the tvs, you will need a box for each one...You will however still get the basic channels on the others should you choose just one box..The other alternative is to buy all new tvs...We have digital cable here (Charter) and my tv in the den gets VS and all the ESPNS and I don't have a box hooked up to it...I can't get the premium channels though...

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Default Re: Digital Cable ?s

Actually, the other TVs will get the channels that you pay for regardless of having a box - UP TO THEIR AVAILABLE CHANNELS!
That is, if you have a TV that will take 110 channels then you will get whatever channels you have paid for that are available on channels 1 through 110. If you have paid for channels above 110 you will not be able to get them without the box.

So if you can get ESPN on the TV with the box, then you will be able to get it on the other TVs so long as the channel number is below 110. Same for the other channels.
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Default Re: Digital Cable ?s

Menzies, are you suggesting that as long as the tv will get 110 channels then it wil get the digital ones also? The cable companies are using 256QAM modulation and either SA powerkey or Mot digicable encryption. Not possible to get those cable ready unless you buy a QAM tuner HD set with a cable card slot. Then you're spending $1000 on each TV. I'd rather rent a cable box. I think the actual box rental is only about $5 without DVR. I wouldn't recomend a cable card TV. A lot of people end up with them because the BestBuy saleskid sells them on it. Really it's a waste of $$. No interactive guide and no free VOD.

I would get the digital cable on a TV or 2 and keep the others cable ready.
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