NiMH in NICAD solar lights?

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Default NiMH in NICAD solar lights?

Hi all,
We have a lot of those battery solar lights around the yard. All have the plastic cover on the battery which says NICAD rechargable battery. These are all older lights. What would happen if we used NiMH rechargable batteries in these lights? Seems that NiMH is the new standard and NiCAD batteries and chargers are gettin hard to find.
Of course my feeling is - what's the worst that can happen; they blow up? And then just pick up another 4-pack at HD.
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Default Re: NiMH in NICAD solar lights?

Not a problem!
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Default Re: NiMH in NICAD solar lights?


HiMH take a pulsed current, not a steady charge, keeps them cooler during the charging. NiCads take a steady current during charging.

HiMH do NOT want to be charged with a NiCad charging scenario, that steady current, what I presume is in those old solar lights. I suggest buying NiCads online or where ever, but do not put expensive NiMH in there.

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Default RE: NiMH in NICAD solar lights?

Not a problem because solarlights only trickle charge at a very low rate they'll handle it

Charge the nimh batteries first with a proper charger fit then to youre light in the after noon and let then do thier thing.
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