Hello, No boat person

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Default Hello, No boat person

As the topic says I have no boat. I'm just getting back into fishing. Went maybe 10 times last year but plan to go a lot more this year. My reels are 2 rhinos, one a 33 and the other one Rs3(something like that) and a 404. I just enjoy reeling in big pretty fish. Don't really care at all about what type it is. I go fishing in Columbus Ohio.

I came here looking for any tips that might help me out when fishing. I've read a few guides I've found online and learned how to tie hooks and things like that. They don't usually say much about using lures from the shoreline. Is that okay?

Also, 2 of my poles spent a year in storage with hooks and sinker still on them. Anything I need to do to them to get them ready for fishing this season?

Lastly, is this even a good forum to be in if i don't have a boat?
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Default RE: Hello, No boat person

Many members of this forum don't have boats, so welcome from another new guy who has a boat which is too big to suit some members here!

It's all good, just sit back and have some fun!
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Default Re: Hello, No boat person

Boats are just an expensive way to go fishin. Put new line on those zebcos, get some live bait, and wet a hook. New hooks would be preferable. Look at all the boats around you and you'll see 90% are casting to the bank. There are some huge cats up there in your river, so you might want to try some chicken livers sometime.

Some advice. Wear sunblock, always check the "drag" on your reel before casting it out, get a good comfortable chair that will hold drink, bait, and fishing tackle. That way you don't have to get up for any reason.

Have a great day fishing. I always do.
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Default Re: Hello, No boat person

CrazyHeaven to THT!

How I check the condition of my fishing line:
- strip off the first 30-40 ft. of line and cut that part off and throw it away.....give yourself a fresh start for the new year.
* if you are catching some good size fish or are fishing in an environment that could be abrasive it is always a good idea to every once in a while to cut off 5-10 ft. of line every so often....less chance of loosing a fish because of sh!tty line.
- now run several ft. worth of fishing line between you finger and thumb and feel if the line feels lumpy or anything, you want it to feel perfectly smooth. If the line feels lumpy let out another 20-30 ft. and try it again, if the line still feels lumpy IMO the line is scrap.
- fresh fishing line when let out should have a basically flat appearance to it when let out, the line should not look like a stretched out spring. When a fishing line looks like a stretched out spring the fishing line is old and past it's good usable life IMO.
- depending on the test lbs of the fishing line on the reel, let out a few ft. of line and try and break it in your hand (caution: wear gloves or something because fishing line can cut your hands).

How I check my hooks:
- visual is the first thing Iíll there any rust? If so, throw the hook away. Is the hook bent? If so, throw the hook away.
- how sharp is the hook? Take the pointy end of the hook and lightly drag in on your thumb nail, a sharp hook should scratch and try to grab your thumb nail whereas a dull hook will just slide along it without bitting into the nail. If the hook is dull you can buy a hook sharpener (file or electric hook sharpening tool) to give the hook new life, but the newly sharpened hook will not stand up to much punishment under water and will rust much sooner then a hook that has never been sharpened. Hooks are cheap, replace the hook if itís dull.

* If you snag on the bottom and you are able to recover your hook/ bait, check your hook and fishing line for conditions as described above. Thatís really all there is to are now a pro!
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Default RE: Hello, No boat person

Taken some advice on here toward being a pro. Got some triple hooks eagle claw brand for chicken liver. Some PowerPro fishing line. 8lb test that is suppose to be 30 actually lbs? I put that on poles that originally used 10 lbs so I hope that's going to work out. Following the above advice the hooks were fine. The line was not. In fact the line wasn't even close to be fine. It's been replaced though so hopefully I'll have a good trip tomorrow. Still debating on where to go to start the season off.
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Default Re: Hello, No boat person

Well were ever you go and post pix of the fish you catch.....
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Default Re: Hello, No boat person

Ex ohioian here, Youve gotten some great advice already. Take a look over on this site. There are some great guys there that should be able to help ya out as some are very local to you.
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Default Re: Hello, No boat person

Some of my most enjoyable fishing has been standing in waders in rushing trout streams, or sitting on a grassy steep bank under a shady tree on a hot afternoon trying to catch them lunkers...
catfish, trout, probably got them all within a few miles.
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