Yahoo! China! sued! in! US!

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Default Yahoo! China! sued! in! US!

Yahoo! just sucks. What else can be said about this?!? I hope this lady wins and wins really big...lottery-size big! The Chinese gov't sucks and so does any company that will sell-out the security of any people in order to earn a dime co-operating with those terrorists. Yahoo! could have said "no". Yahoo! should have said "no".

The wife of the Chinese dissident jailed with the help of Yahoo! is suing the company in the US courts.

The World Organisation for Human Rights is backing the case. Wang Xiaoning was given a 10 year sentence for postings he made to a Yahoo! group. Chinese authorities asked Yahoo! for information to identify the man.

Wang Xianoning's wife Yu Ling is bringing the case under the Alient Tort Claims Act and the Torture Victims Protection Act in the District Court for Northern California.

Groups including Amnesty International and Reporters without Borders have criticised Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! for co-operating with Chinese authorities.
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Default Re: Yahoo! China! sued! in! US!

It's horrible that he's in jail for a matter of conscience. Unfortunately companies are required to comply with the laws of the countries they do business with. If you dig hard enough you will find something to that effect in the the literature for almost all web sites.

National governments commonly refuse to dispute things like this in another countries courts and I have never heard of one paying anything that wasnt orderred through the "World Court." I think this is really just a publicity action to embarass the PRC into releasing Mr Wang or allowing him and his family to emigrate. That tactic has been occasionally successful.
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Default Re: Yahoo! China! sued! in! US!

whats funny is the US doesnt recognize the world court nor the international crimminal court.
good thing.
if the company doesnt know the law of the country they are in its not our problem. they saw the profit potential,accepted the risk and took it.
but its no different from the PRC data mining to the dept of home land bungling data mining.
you get mad cause the PRC does it but not mad if the US does it?
I guess they have no internal security issues and only the US does?
we have more freedoms here in the US than most others, however they are being slowly eroded and once given up the Govt,regaurdless of party, wont give them back.
here,as long as its not calling or inciting violence you can pretty much state your views on anything however now I do tend to fear reprocussions.
its not really the data mining I worry so much about, its who is watching the miners and what they do with the information.
heck they cant even keep my VA records straight nor could they keep my son on record at DEERs.
for 14 years we had to list his bithdate in august, in reality its april.
every time we tried to change it he got dropped.
something about a records backup. we finally just went with it.
so no, my country I love, my govt I fear.

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