My view of gift certificates

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Default My view of gift certificates

Has your child ever received a gift certificate for Christmas or his/ her birthday from a child (child's parent) friend? I'm talking small children.

I'll admit of being guilty perhaps a couple times in my past but WE (wife and self) have reached a sort of epiphany.

Think about it, you just spent the last week in toy stores with children and your not in a hurry to return. Now some kids parent is too busy to buy a gift so they send you back to the damn store.

Of course you have plenty of time to go toy shopping .....again... And OF COURSE the store has what your kid wants...

And we all know how good 6 year olds are at understanding that they can only buy a toy for X amount of $.

My wife sort of stock piles misc. toys and trinkets for unexpected parties and Mom socials.

Its the only really organized trait she possesses She's cute though and makes good looking babies.

Anyway I would like you all to think twice before sending some poor mom back to the toy store.
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Default Re: My view of gift certificates

Baitkiller ~ I understand your plight - however, you'll be LOVIN' those gift certificates and will even give them to your OWN kids when they turn about 12-13 or so...

FWIW ~ just treat the gift cards they get now as cash and take them to the store at your convenience and get your child something they've been wanting - ie: DVD, toy, etc.
WITHOUTH taking the child with you of course ~ Bring home the "prize" and announce that THIS is what "so-in-so" got for you for your b-day.

Also - it's NEVER too early to start teachin' your youngin's about money. The sooner the better. We started with ours at ages 4 and 6 (giving them an allowance). Has been an EXCELLENT training tool.

Momma Jane ~
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Default Re: My view of gift certificates

Good advice by FJ as usual

or .................................................

for that next party you dont have time/want to shop for - re-gift

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Default Re: My view of gift certificates

I have the impression that my niece's and nephews know their own taste in merchandise better than I do and my sister and sisters-in-law can control the apprpriateness of their aquisitions (we wont talk about my brother except that he's just as big a kid as I am). It's less hassle to take a kid shopping with a gift-card than go to the returns counter and get credit before getting a more suitable item.

When I do take a chance I tell the recipient what store I got it at and include a gift receipt if possible, and not to feel guilty if they prefer to exchange it. I buy gifts to make the recipient happy. This cuts down on waste and embarassment all around.
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