Still Boats, just smaller.

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Default Still Boats, just smaller.

I know a few other guys out there run RC boats. Itís a lot of fun and my whole fleet fits in the garage. These two I will run this weekend. We have a lake next to a well traveled road with a posted speed limit of 45 MPH. The Cat in the foreground outruns the traffic.
The outrigger in the back I just re-rigged for a buddy will do 70 MPH. It will keep you busy. I building a canard and have a hydrofoil in design. Just like their larger brothers it gets expensive, especially when your radio goes nuts and the boat runs up the bank at full speed.
For one brief instant you think ďthat looks coolĒ itís even better if itís somebody elseís boat. It helps if you can make your own hardware.
I have a secret weapon. The Carvewright CNC router.

The design software isnít as good as autocad but you work through a few quirks and you do get good results. Custom made parts without most of the labor. Itís the nuts for RC boats. You can build one designs fast or make replacement parts. Wood or plastic only. I will be trying foam. Next, all the switch plate labels for the boat.

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Default Re: Still Boats, just smaller.

My electric boat i had did about 20 mph.
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