Jupiter Marine stock (JMIH)

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Default Jupiter Marine stock (JMIH)

Anybody follow this stock? I understand they are not earning much but...

but why did it start as a penny anyways? Its hurting worse than ever right now. Obviously small boat co. earnings are a lot different than many industries, but if anyone has info on Jupiter i'd love to hear it.
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Default Re: Jupiter Marine stock (JMIH)

I wouldn't touch any boat mfr stock with a 10 foot pole. I had a long talk with 3 Maine boat builders and others who are adjunct suppliers, none of whom were even close to optomistic about the industry as a whole. They spoke of large companies such as Whaler, etc who are market leaders having had ABYSMAL sales during the boat show season. Not good...

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Default RE: Jupiter Marine stock (JMIH)

I've been a holder of Jupiter stock for a couple of years. Bought most of my holdings in the $.20 to $.28 range. The company is actually doing fairly well, all things considered. Earning have been improving year after year and the new facility on the west coast of Florida producing the new 29' model is now producing about a boat a week.

The vast majority of stock is owned by company management and it trades rather lightly. I purchased the stock as a pure speculation and will continue to hold it until a market turn around occurs.

Buying stock at present levels appears to be attractive as the whole theory is to buy low and sell high right.....
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