Aint it the truth!!!!!!!!

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Default Aint it the truth!!!!!!!!

This is a post from another website(not my doing), but it is sooooo true!

As I sit here reading archives, I am reminded to remember my own advise posted many years ago:

We all spend thousands of dollars every year chasing the species of our dreams... Is it for the pounds of fillets, I don't think so...The fillets are just a reward... We fish for the anticapation... the "ONE MORE CAST", the changing baits, changing spots, changing boats, changing areas, changing rod/reels... We change everything...

We fight our employers, spouses, friends and family for times to fish.. They just don't understand... Why do you want to get up at 300 am to fish on your day off, they ask... My guess is they do not understand nor appreciate what we as fisherman go through...

Its not about the fillets in the freezer, the bragging rights at the local hangout,..... Its about having doing your homework, tracking down your fish, catching it... Its the pursuit, the dream, the "you should have been here yesterday"...Its the Gnat filled mornings, the fog, the squalls, the burnt bearings, the bait left in the icechest, the sunburns, the jerks who fish in your spot, the boat /equipment maintenance.. Its about looking out on a calm sunset or morning and saying... Damn I bet it is fabulous on the water now.

We fish because we have to... its in our genes... Nothing beats a fish on at sunrise...Its the only reward we look for... That BENT POLE FEELING...

And It sure beats playing golf...
Fish On!!!
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Default Re: Aint it the truth!!!!!!!!

I'm looking so forward to that feeling again. It's been over 15 years since I've been out there and I'm going all out and never looking back!
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