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Default Camper question

My new Fleetwood pop up camper has been parked closed for over 2 months. 2 days ago I heard a beep coming from inside. Pulled it out and opened it up and it was the secondary carbon monoxide detector, the battery operated one. One beep every 30-45 seconds or so. the manual says carbon monoxide would make it beep 4 times in a row. I figured a bad battery. I disconnected the propane tank and replaced the battery. Perfect for about 2 hours , so i reconnected the tank and zipped all windows. Was good all night, but by morning it was beeping again. Still only 1 beep, not 4. I'm thinking that the tank must be allowing propane to slowly seep into the lines, and that one or both of the stove control knobs must have a bad seal, or there is a newly developed leak somewhere inside. when I had used it before on weekend trips, the tank was left on and never a warning beep. sorry for the long thread. I have an appointment for May 4th to have it checked because it's still under warranty, but was wondering if anyone has ever had a similar problem. I'd like to go to the appointment educated. Thanks.
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Default Re: Camper question

Now I could be wrong here, but I thought one would have to burn the propane to get levels of carbon monoxide? I am under the impression straight propane will not give you carbon monoxide? I think you have a faulty sensor............could you detect the smell of propane when you opened up the camper the first time you heard the beeping?
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Default Re: Camper question

Mine beeps one beep just to let you know its working.
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Default RE: Camper question

Over time these can go bad. If after you changed the battery and are certin there is no propane (Bottles off or out) and it still beeps, time to change the detector. As a RV tech I have changed many of them. (Shop manager actually)

Several things can also make it go off other than a propane leak. Even spraying a can of Lysol near the detector can set it off. Also there are some common household cleaners and other stuff that can not only set off the detector, but ruin it. (Will give a false positive no matter what)

The detectors are very inexpensive to replace. So personally I would just replace it.
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Default Re: Camper question

Garret I agree with you. I also thought carbon monoxide was caused by burned fuel. And thanks wSit. I've heard propane has some kind of additive that smells so that is easier to detect, and there was no odor of propane. And the camper had been parked for over 2 months when this all of a sudden started. I'll try changing the sensor. and also this week I'm gonna open it up again and plug it in to electric so that the built in detector works, then zip it up tight and open the propane tank to see if theres any type of leak. I promose not to smoke around it. thanks guys.
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