Radon levels

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Default Radon levels

We had our home tested for radon and it seems the level is high enough to justify a exhaust vent. Our foundation has been plumbed for this, and the price I got seems a little high, any one out there have to deal with this?
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Default Re: Radon levels

No, mine tested fine. It would seem like a simple job though, especially if no wall cutting is involved. I always wondered though how having to do that affects your heating/cooling bill if you have to blow all the heat/cool air out all the time.
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Default Re: Radon levels

mine was installed in 92, I believe. i think it was around 1200.
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Default Re: Radon levels

We just spent $4,600 for an air and water mitigation system.

If you have well water have it checked also.

I would guess if the foundation has preped for a mitigation system, you'd be looking at a cost of $1200 to $1500.
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Default Re: Radon levels

My house tested high. The house was built (per code) with a PVC conduit from below the foundation all the way thru the roof. All that was needed was to install a Radaon Fan in the conduit (in the attic) to create air flow to exhaust the radon. Did it myself - very easy

It amazes me as to how few people check for radon in their homes

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Default Re: Radon levels

OK guys, thanks.

I had one company look at it, running pvc up into the attic and out the roof. We luckily had two closets on top of each other, that lead right into the attic, to go through the roof. With the fan, $1500. I am getting a second quote tomorrow. Levels in the basement were 7.6 and 8.1.
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Default Re: Radon levels

We moved into a new (to us) home last year and ordered a radon test as part of the home inspection. The basement registered a 4.9 reading which isn't extraordinarily high but high enough for me to negotiate that the seller pay for a mitigation system. I spoke with a few radon companies and learned that, at any given time just walking around town, you could be exposed to radon levels around 2.0 or so and anything above 4 in a home is worth addressing. The prior owner's husband was an avid model train buff and spent most of his free time in the basement. Unfortunately, he passed away from cancer and I couldn't help but think that the high radon level and his illness may be connected. Since the basement's main purpose is a play area for my kids, I wasn't buying the house without taking measures.

We had a sub-slab depressurization system installed - we only needed one tap and they installed the fan outside just above the basement level. The fan and exhaust vent (downspouts) runs right up alongside the chimney to above the roofline so its virtually invisible. I had two quotes - $950 and $840 with a five year guarantee on each. Post-installation testing results were 1.3 in the basement so it made a big difference and I can sleep a bit easier at night.
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Default Re: Radon levels

I am a real estate attorney in CT see radon alot. As other have stated 4.0 is the recommended action level. Radon in air systems are typically 1,000 -1,800.

Well water remediation can run much higher depending on the level being remediated.

Radon remediation is very routine here.
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