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Default good island music

I want to upgrade the 120 disc cd player in my shop. Id like to fill it with reggae,brazilian and other island music. How about some suggestions of your favorite newer albums. Cds are so expensive I hate when I buy one and only like one or two songs on the disc. I have a surf /kayak shop so thats the atmosphere. The music shouldnt interefere with doing business just provide background. Where is the cheapest place to order 100cds. Its always killed me that in every other product you get a discount when buying quantity but not when it comes to cd's.
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Default Re: good island music

I'm wondering this too. but would expand it to good boating, summer, island, tropical music(Marley, Buffet...) What cd/musicians do you already have that you consider good?
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Default Re: good island music

Why not just get a good list and down load the music you want from I tunes, or some other online company, kinda time consuming, but you get what you really want at about a $ per song. I'm not a I tunes user, so maybe they have some nifty way of music selection. I agree with you about buying a whole album for just one or two songs that you like.
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Default Re: good island music

How about Radio Margaritaville?

You can get it on Sirius Sat Radio... I have XM so I haven't listened to it much, but from the few times I've listened online, it seems like it might fit the bill. I think XM has a island music station also...
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Default Re: good island music

Ziggy Marley, Peter Tosh, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper.
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Default Re: good island music

Captain Sam Crutchfield. Best old time island music. You have to google and buy from web site.
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Default Re: good island music

John Cruz Island Style you can sample john at
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Default Re: good island music

Pure Hawaiian:

. `Ike Ia Kaunawahine / `Ike Ia Kaukini (Charles Ka`upu) -
2. I Kumaumau (I Kumaumau) - -
3. Hi`ilawe 1972 / Aloha Oe' (Gabby Pahinui) -
4. Kawaipunahele (Keali`i Reichel) -
5. E Wai'anae (Pandanus Club) -
6. Keiki O Ka 'Aina La (Sistah Robi Kahakalau) -
7. Pua 'Ahihi (O'Brian Eselu) -
8. Ballad of Keawaiki (The Peter Moon Band) -
9. Slack Key #1 (Sonny Chillingworth) -
10. Kawika (Brothers Cazimero) -
11. Ku'u Lehua (Maunalua) -
12. Pai`ea (Pai`ea) - -
13. 12th Street Rag / Sweet Georgia Brown (Ledward Ka'apana & Ikona) -
14. `Uehe `Ami Slide (Steve Mati & Teresa Bright) - -
15. Ku`uipo, Aloha Wau Ia `Oe (Lorna Lim) -
16. La`amaomao (Lei`ohu Ryder) -
17. Hawai`i '78 "Live at Hank's Place" (Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau) - -
18. Ka Mele A Paku'i (Charles Ka'upu) -

At better stores everywhere or
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Default Re: good island music

Anything by Bob Marley
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Default RE: good island music

Here's a great selection of Island music from Hawaii. I love the last one. "Aloha Friday" If you want to get in the weekend mood, it's the ticket. I first bought it when I was in Maui a few years ago.
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Default Re: good island music

You can't go wrong with the soundtrack to the IMAX flick "Dolphins". Its totally addictive, couple Sting songs and lots of instrumental island stuff too. Its my go-to Cd when I just can't decide what i'm in the mood to listen to.

PS: Devosurf, thanks for turning me on to the John Cruz stuff. AWESOME!!!!!
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