new TV ?

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Default new TV ?

Just got a 46'' sony lcd rear projection tv. I bought the extended service plan for 5 yrs. Should I have not and took a chance. It was 399.00 for the 5 years. What do you think?
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Default Re: new TV ?

Aren't you kind like asking if it was alright if you shot the horse on opening day of deer season?

$400 for 5 years is a great deal compared to up here, our 4 yr plan is costing us $798! I just bought a tv last week so I know what they are asking.
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Default Re: new TV ?

The failure rates for new TV's are so extremely low that it's not recommended to spend the extra cash. If the TV is going to fail it usually happens in a very short time frame and is covered by the normal manufactures warranty.
Some credit cards, when used to purchase the TV, automatically doubles the manufactures warranty period. Please check with your cc company to see if this applies to your card.

The DPL has the highest failure rate in the industry, typical failures include cooling fan, disk motor, and light bulb life. Failure rate info tracked and reported by manufacturer’s factory repair facilities.
My brother gave me the info as he is a new product project manager in an overseas TV (plasma/LCD) factory.
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Default Re: new TV ?

Of course we all have a friend who's neighbor's niece's roommate's cousin made out like a bandit because they did buy an extended warranty on some item, but generally, extended warranties are profit centers for those companies that offer them. They are betting the item never breaks and you are betting that is does break. "They" usually win.

Everytime you buy something, the sales person always pushes the extended warranty. WHy? They probably get an extra commission on it. Why does the company offer extra commission? They make more profit.

But if it makes you more comfortable having that extended warranty, go for it.
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Default RE: new TV ?

I just read a decent article in a consumer magazine about this. It boiled down to this. The only time the extended warranty is really worth the price is when you purchase a projection TV, which you did. Bulb failure is an issue with these, according to the article, and some of the bulbs go as much as $250.00 (?!?) plus the service call and installation.
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Default Re: new TV ?

MY TV is a 60 inch Hitachi ultra vision
2++ years old now

I purchased the 3 year ext plan $360.00 circuit city.

I have had two service calls this month

one was to replace the (light engine) or 80% of the internals.... due to a red hue circle defect...

that would have cost me without insurance $1200.00 for the refurbished part or $1600.00 for a new part installed.

then three days later.... the new light engine bulb blows.... $240.00 part... plus labor.. still covered...

if the TV was over $2000.00 or its LCD, PLASMA, DLP GET THE SERVICE PLAN!
the only TV I would not get the ext plan for would be the cabinet style CRT big screen projector TVs.
(obsolete but still a workhorse).

third time they have to come out, I am supposed to get a new TV.

its not the first year you have to worry about.. its the life of it... mine is a LCD projection.
I had close to 3,800 hours on my first bulb in 2+ years...

the bulbs last close to 5000 hours that's 208 days 24 hours a day of watching TV.

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Default Re: new TV ?

I bought the service plan when I purchased my 50 Sony Grand Wega LCD TV a year and a half ago. 3 months ago It developed a line going thru it. Called Best Buy service and the entire Wega engine was blown. I was lucky to have the service plan. No charge! If I wouldnt have had the plan the repairman said the cheapest thing to do would have been to throw it away and buy a new one!!
Wish I would have bought the service plan on my GE refrigerator. The service man is coming this friday.Cant wait to see what thats going to cost!!!!!!!!
Keep the plan...
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Default Re: new TV ?

I just bought a 52" DLP and I didnt get the plan... Just me.
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Default Re: new TV ?

It all depends on what the plan covers. If it covers lights for the DLP's then yes, buy one because it will pay for itself.
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Default Re: new TV ?

Having worked for Sears in my long-ago youth I learned what a con game “Extended Warantys“ are. What they are is a spiff for the salesman and a huge profit for the selling store.

Friend of mine bought a ten dollar watch and then a five dollar, five year, extended warranty. The warranty, in effect”, said it did not cover almost anything that might actually happen to the watch. So read em carefully if you insist on buying an extended waranty.

Only a very few folks ever need to use them. Em’s the facts Mam.

Ray, Tennessee 2180DLX Carolina Skiff 90HP Honda

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