Why is lumber so expensive?

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Originally Posted by InCogKneeToe View Post
We have an OSB Plant locally, They never missed a beat during (now 3) any COVID shut downs. They were planning a Big Shutdown last summer, but worked through it full tilt. @ $70/Sheet, I can see why.
Over $2/sqft. That's just stupid price for a sheet of glue and floor sweepings.
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all I can say is glad I finished my pole building now, this stuff is not fun!
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Originally Posted by Lemonbayboating View Post
Built a wall in my wife store Friday and Saturday. Its insane framing 2x4 $7.50 for 8foot over $10bucks for a 10Ft Cedar boards nails everything through the roof.
Whats crazy to me is anyone considering building a house/additions KNOWS what's going on with labor and materials, their reaction- FULL STEAM AHEAD with no concern on costs.

Americans have absolutely zero patience, we want it all, and we want it NOW!!!

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A good friend of ours who is also our insurance agent brought up a good point to me recently. If I had a total loss on one of my structures my insurance may not be sufficient to cover rebuilding at today's material prices. I took his advice and upped my coverage. Really didn't cost much more for that peace of mind.
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Growers don’t seem to be getting in on the high price of lumber!
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In addition to covid related supply chain issues and political issues, the huge number of storms last year greatly impacted supply and demand. Here on the gulf coast there was substantial damage to homes and businesses requiring a lot of lumber and other building materials. Many of the pine plantations in the south were hit hard by the storms, wiping out what would have been merchantable timber. Add to that a combination of tree maturity and prices in 2019 that created a lot of harvesting demand.
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Back to the lumber itself, I'm building a new deck right now. I know the quality of lumber from the big boxes has always been bad, but holy sh*t.... it is horrendous right now. Every board is literally +/- an inch in length, and not a square end to be found. Not only is the price completely ridiculous, but the quality has also somehow plummeted, when I didn't even think it had room to plummet...
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Originally Posted by dspencer View Post

Virgin forest used in standard construction materials = 0.0%.

Monoculture planted stands pretty much supply the industry......

However, I do see what you’re getting at.
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Easter w family, Making use of some of the downed pines, hauling to my mill
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When you can get top dollar and have folks standing in line why would the price ever come back down or the quality go up?

Kind of like ammo and gasoline..

Hell, the price of bait shrimp has doubled around here and the shrimp are smaller!
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Rising fuel/transportation costs - this is only going to get worse.

Demand - home and apartment development fueled by low interest rates and investor demand.

And inflation - yes it is here and like fuel prices, this is also going to get worse, a lot worse.

So if you think it's bad now, buckle up because things are going to get real interesting starting in 2022...
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Just did a refresh on a BOM that I pulled together for a deck at camp. Last year the material cost was $856.62 (May 22, 2020) and today the costs are $1,482.46 both from Lowes......last year the material was not all available when I tried to buy it in June so I deferred to this spring.
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1. Covid changed peoples attitudes towards their homes-- they spend more time there, maybe even work out of the home, so they are upgrading their houses and/or buying new houses. Lots of investment/upgrading going on which makes housing materials in short supply.
2. Interest rates are at extreme lows. People dont care about purchase price they car about mortgage payment. With low interest rates they can afford to pay more and still have a payment they can afford. Low interest rate = housing boom = shortage of building supplies.
3. With rising housing prices people are comfortable investing in their homes so its a reinforcing circle.
3. Supply and demand. With high demand (and product shortages) building suppliers can charge more, and why shouldnt they.

No conspiracy, it's all normal and to be expected.
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Wife wanted to go somewhere expensive....
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Because people will pay it for two words:

'cause covid

That's all you have to say and you can do anything you want.
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I built in 2012 and used 4x10 OSB sheathing and it was right around $5.00 per sheet

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I had to buy another enclosed car hauler, lot was about 5 acres, they had maybe 15 trailers in stock and they did not counter with anything but full price.

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