patching drywall?

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What has worked out best for me is to enlarge the hole till you come to a stud on both sides. Then you can either scab a piece onto the stud or cut the sheetrock half way across the stud. Now you have something solid to attach you patch piece to. It is much stronger than an unsupported patch and will give you a much more durable result.
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Default Re: patching drywall?

I get great results using rigid insulation,cut to fit into hole. Mud,sand and paint. Done!
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The cabinets were from ikea, so they're just the standard fare with holes all over the place regardless of drawers. I had to modify almost all of them to fit around the protrusions. The drawers were the only thing I built from scratch. I don't know if the counter is "real" butcher block - it's not end grain wood, just pieces about 1"x10-12" all laid on their side. It's beech wood I believe. I'm going to just caulk the gap between the counter and the wall for now. I think it's about 1/16"-1/8" in most places. We'll decide about a backsplash in the future, but likely it will be either stainless steel or small mosaic tiles. Who knows, maybe we'll have no backsplash. I need to install trim and knobs and everything on the cabinets, so they're a little bare right now. Of course they're very simple anyway. Not the style most prefer, but I'm into the minimal and modern look.
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