How did this happen?

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Default How did this happen?

I received two charges from an on-line billing service for someone who used my cc to buy a membership to a porn site. I called the billing company and they refused to do anything because they had my number and the ccv number. They used a g mail account, which I do not have. I traced the IP to Herndon Virginia. I tried to access the g-mail account but the security question was in Russian. I used bablefish to translate and the question was this:

"Russian will not post here"

Translation: What bus do I normally ride?

I did not know the answer. Luckily my ban USAA is going to take care of it for me, but I had to cancel the card. I only pay bills on-line, so I am not sure how they got the number.

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Default Re: How did this happen?

More than likely they got your info from a restaurant or retail store where you may have used the card. The info was obtained either by double swiping or finding some type of disgarded receipt.

We had our card info stolen and the idiot used it to pay his phone and electric bill - not too hard to trace that one.
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Default Re: How did this happen?

You may have lost this data anytime you used your credit card to pay for something. Most common place for this type of data theft is a restaraunt. The card is taken out of your sight but the server, handed to a clerk for processing. The server makes rounds, retrieves your chack and comes back to you.

You are exposed to the server, the clerk and anyone who wanders by the register while it is un-attended. The only way to avoid this exposure is to pay by cash. This is why most credit cards give you zero liability for internet fraud. Otherwise there volume would drop tremendously.

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Default Re: How did this happen?

Sorry for duplicating Wiley's response. I had to take a call half-way through my answer.
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Default Re: How did this happen?

Same experience, Kingair, but my card was used to sign up for AOL. Had to get a new card and AOL backed out the charges. The fact that AOL hit me with a pdf complaint form to complete and send in while I was on the phone with them shows how often this happens.

Then there was the time someone used my card to get a $900 cash advance in TURKEY back in '99 while I was at the South Plainfield, NJ Home Depot. Needless to say, VISA was cool with the fact that I couldn't be there and in Istanbul on the same day.

Still feel like I had a brush with Al Qaeda on that one.
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Default Re: How did this happen?

I’ve had statements from the bank for cash withdrawals from an ATM machine against my MC and my Visa. Those charges were reversed, tho it required me to take a strong stance because there is a camera at the ATM machine. The bank refused to allow me to see the image of who made the withdrawals.

Had charges for a porn site (somewhere in a Scandinavian country) like you had, Kingair, but it was billed as a cooking recipe site. The bank reversed the charges.

I’ve had almost $400 of DirecTV programming and $200+ of BBQ dinners from Corky’s of Tenn sent to some place in Los Angeles, show up on my statement. The bank reversed the charges, Corky's was pissed, started calling at very early hours of the morning demanding that I pay.

I think in all we have charges to the cc revered maybe a half dozen times a year. Very little of it is ID theft. Most of it is me not wanting to deal with retailers that have hired idiots into positions of responsibility.

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