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Default New Tundra

I am a GM guy but that new Tundra on these SB commercials is a bad a$% looking machine. (with Toyota reliability to boot!)
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Default Re: New Tundra

Could it really stop a trailer (Without electric brakes) with a 10,000# load going down a steep ramp without jack-knifing the trailer/truck or at least making it swag a bit?

Pretty darn impressive getting it going up the incline from a dead stop! That's a lot of torque from a truck that size.
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Default Re: New Tundra

I've been lead to believe that it's a full size truck. I have yet to see one in person.
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Default Re: New Tundra

I caught a glimpse of them at the dealer the other day as the car-carrier truck was pulling in. They are sweet looking. I wish the crew max cab came with a 6 1/2 foot bed though. I have a 2000 Tundra and I love it. It definitely doesn't have the power/hauling/etc of a Ford F150 or Chevy 1500, but its just about perfect for me. The 2007s do look bad-freakin-ass though.
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Default RE: New Tundra

I've a 2004 that has been flawless for 58,000 miles now towing everything I can pull behind it and I do want a new one but will wait a few years for the price to go down and more stuff gets thrown in for free and they get to look better after the first years, just like the Tundra, they revised the grills/front ends, foglights, made ABS standard, gave it more HP then lowered the prices, same thing will happen with the new versions, just takes some time.

In time I'll get one, in time. So long as my 2004 can pull my new boat I'll keep it around for a while longer as it will be paid for in less than 2 years.
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Default Re: New Tundra

Now the same size as an American truck. Except the 4 door has a 5' bed.
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Default Re: New Tundra

I just saw a couple new ones today. Sharp truck!!! The access cab is bigger than my crew cab. I will try to post pics.
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Default RE: New Tundra

14/18 mpg for the big engine? That's not too bad. Of course, you'll have to keep your right foot off that 381hp.
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