Cheap Airfare?

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Default Cheap Airfare?

What's the best way to locate good deals on airfare? I know about Expedia, Orbitz, etc but it also seems as though airlines have their own promotions. I'm wanting to fly the wife and kid to Orlando some time in the coming months and our travel dates are flexible (over a weekend though), but I'm not exactly finding any great deals. I know that prices have gone up however.

Any secrets out there I don' t know about?
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Default Re: Cheap Airfare?

I just lucked out by using Yahoo! Travel, and their "Last Minute Deals". I need to go to Atlanta (from Hartford) next weekend. The cheapest flight I was finding was about $450. I clicked on their link, and got flight and full size Hertz rental car for the three days I am going to be down there for $320. I could have gone even cheaper if I chose flights that weren't considered prime time.

I'd check it out.

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Default Re: Cheap Airfare?

Go to They fly Houston Hobby to Orlando. Just had a quick look at March using their flexible fare program and it looks like around $100 each way.
They also fly into Tampa so you could go that way if the prices are a lot lower.
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Default RE: Cheap Airfare?

If you have not used Priceline before, here is a website that will coach you on how to bid. People post their winning bids and give bidding advice. I have only used it for hotels, and the deals can be great. The site is

It takes a little work, but once you realize how re-bidding works, it is not that tough.
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Default Re: Cheap Airfare?

Booking 30-days or more in advance goes a long way to reduce the cost of airfare. Don't wait until the last minute to start shopping airfares.

The absolute cheapest way to fly is to get someone else to pay for it. Now doesn't that gets you thinking?!?

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Default Re: Cheap Airfare?

Hey msheppard13 ~ also check out American Airlines. They offer some really good deals if given enough time prior to your travel date. Check out their website.

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Default Re: Cheap Airfare?

Staying over a weekend is no longer as critical as it used to be. Southwest prices are generaly the floor for other airlines in those markets. The competition will offer fares as low as SWA but seldom lower and usually offer fewer seats at that price.

If SWA is available a a good fare but you dont like the times look a little harder. In addition to the newer 'net travel services, older travel companies like Carlson (Carlson-Wagonlit) and Amex sometimes have packages with their preferred suppliers. Thomas Cook may have something on their web-site too but they mostly pulled out of the US market about 10 years ago.

Those of you who have "Platinum" status on your credit cards may have concierge benefits through those sources who may also be able to help you track down lower fares.

Sometimes you get lucky by checking the airlines web-sites directly.

Good luck!
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Default Re: Cheap Airfare?
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Default Re: Cheap Airfare?

This is one we like and we also check

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Default Re: Cheap Airfare?

I have found out the fares to most places change, it seems, on an hourly basis. I have been checking out how to get different places on my upcoming long vacation. I have found as much as $300 dollars PP difference in prices an hour later. I need as you might, to know exactly what dates we/you will be traveling and of course where and when you find the right price book it now. Also I have found some better prices in individual Airline's at times?????? and some times Expedia and AAA and other sites mentioned above.
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