Ruger .380 LCP

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Default Ruger .380 LCP

Anyone have this gun and have an opinion in it? I know it's a cheap little .380 which is what I'm looking for for my throw around in the truck/boat gun. I have a friend with one, and I have shot one. I liked it. To me they seem very hard to beat for $220. I carry a Glock as my EDC. Was just thinking this cheap little .380 as my throw around/pocket gun.

Just wondering y'all's thoughts are. Thanks
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Been my cc for years. No complaints.
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Same here
Can carry it in your shorts pocket.
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I think it's the number one CC gun. My wife carries one in her car all the time.
Great little guns that shoot pretty good. I like the features of the latest version. But damn, .380's are expensive to shoot.
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I have the LCP 2, almost the same as the LCP. The LCP 2 is a hair bigger and I mean a hair bigger then the original LCP. Trigger is improved on the LCP 2 a few others subtle difference between LCP & LCP2.

THT is rife with deadly dick shooters, so I expect many will claim to shoot the LCP accurately, I am not one of them. I can shoot Glock 17/19/34, Sig P365 & 220 fairly well, never had difficulty qualifying expert in the Marines with the Beretta but with the LCP, I can just barely hit the side of a barn door with it. I suck with that little gun. Inside of 20 feet, it’s not too embarrassing but beyond that forget about it. Honestly it’s a chore shooting it, not much fun. I’ve got 300+ rounds through my LCP2 and it has never jammed or failed to fire.

The LCP/2 is easy to disassemble/assemble & clean.

IMO opinion if you look at a 6 (7) shot .380 with all it’s limitations being better then having no gun, then the LCP/2 is ok.

Here is what the LCP/LCP2 shines at and that is conceal ability. Comes with a neoprene pocket and holster and you can carry that gun almost anywhere. Fits in the front pocket of jeans or shorts very very easily.

The LCP/2 is no where near the gun of say a P365 or the subcompact Glock 9mm guns but the LCP/2 is also noticeably smaller then any of those weapons.

Bottom line, if small size matters to you, the LCP/2 shines in that area, it really is SMALL but if small isn’t your #1 priority, there are much more capable guns that are still small just not quite as small as the LCP/2.

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I agree with Mpellet above. I own the original LCP and installed a Crimson Trace laser sight on it when i bought it. The laser sight really doesn't increase the outside dimensions of the weapon. The advantage to this little pistol is that it is far more valuable in my pocket than a bigger, more powerful, more accurate weapon sitting in my truck or my home.
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I have one. It's better than nothing. I carry it when there's little other option clothing wise.

They are punishing to train with. The trigger pull is LONG and heavy. The cartridge is marginal. I'm used to Glocks so the grip angle is awful for me. You have to practice with that LCP otherwise it's a noisy paperweight.

In order of preference if attire allows. G19, G43, LCP. The 43 gets most of the duty these days.

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The only complaint I have is that it's not really double action and not really single action. You must rack the slide to get the hammer into the half cock position. Then you have to pull the trigger double action style to get the hammer to come the rest of the way back to fire the gun. This means you can't re-strike the primer on a dud round because you have to rack the slide to get the hammer to half cock. And every round fired is fired double action, which makes it a little more difficult to keep your sights on target - especially in a situation where you're under pressure.

That said, I still think it's a good, lightweight, pocket sized pistol. I have one and it fits perfectly in my front pocket. Get the extended magazine with the grip extension and you can hold the grip with three fingers instead of just 2.
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Have one, the others pretty much nailed it. Convenient to have and better than nothing.
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It’s great
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If you have shot one and liked it, it should be a good choice for you. I have one and hate the trigger. Mine is also very picky on ammo so I am not a fan at all, but there seem to be plenty of people happy with them. It is hard to beat the size and weight for CC.
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Mice little gun for what you are describing . So is the S&W bodyguard .380 . The S&W is a true double action only so you can get a second chance at a round if it fails to fire . It is nearly the same size as the LCP but about 100- 120 more expensive I believe
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I have the LCP Custom, Desantis pocket holster and carry it with Precision One ammunition. I''m usually in shorts and a T Shirt so it works for me
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I have 2 trucks. One in each so I can grab it going in somewhere. You’d think it was a cell phone just looking at my pocket. No complaints

And I always grab it pumping gas
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One more addition. The wife carries the Bodyguard. Great gun to just more expensive. She bought it when the kids were small because it has a safety
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I have a problem with my finger going to far over the trigger and not being able to pull it far enough to fire. I have to remember to only put the tip of my finger on the trigger.
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A 380 was good enough for James Bond! It is good enough for me.
Only a metal detector will know when I am carrying it, unless there is a problem.
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It's great for summer CC! Pain in the butt to shoot though. Not designed to be a range gun though, so once you get use to the long trigger, it's manageable. Def a close range gun.

While I'd recommend it for CC, if you are looking for something for your truck where it doesn't need to be small, you might want to look for something a little more pleasant to shoot. . .
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Got a pink chamoe patterned one for my wife quite a few years ago.
Tiny little thing with a mild's short and light. Not a pleasure to shoot for an hour at the range. Meant to be for self defense...up close and personal, like against the ribs of the perp.

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I would not want to get shot with a LCP2 loaded with Hornady Critical Defense. Nice CC imo.

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